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President Candidate

Joseph Watkins




As a proud student of Cabrillo College, I am both humbled and honored to declare my candidacy for President of the Cabrillo College Associated Student Senate. As the current Trustee of the Governing Board and the Student Senate I would like to offer a special thanks to the community and to all the students here at Cabrillo. The profound academic community here at Cabrillo is what continues to inspire me to further my advocacy on your behalf.

I have served the student population and have been in the Student Senate longer than any of the current candidates who are running for office. Since I began attending Cabrillo in 2010, I have been serving its students and community by interning with grassroots organizations like CALPIRG to raise student awareness about public issues. Continuing down this path of advocacy, I have served the Student Senate in the positions of Senator at Large, Inter Club Council Chair, and currently as your Student Trustee to the Board of Governors. It has been such an honor and a privilege serving you in these positions and I hope to continue to do so as your future President of the Student Senate. During my time in office I have been a strong liaison between ‘you’ my fellow students, the student senate, our administration, and our local representatives in Sacramento. My understanding and years of experience far distinguish myself from the candidates who run against me. With my knowledge and overall understanding of Cabrillo College I have built long lasting vital and collaborative relationships with Administration, Faculty, and Staff to best promote your success here at this institution.

I have been and continue to be a personal advocate for projects including reinstituting the bus pass program to lessen the cost of transportation for students, adding a new hydro therapy area in the athletic physical training and rehabilitation center, direction and oversight of renovation plans for the cafeteria for student recreation as well as better food services on campus, supporting cultural diversity and the Hispanic community by recruiting groups like Semillas to present at Cabrillo, and supporting the female community  by assisting presentations that speak against the objectification of women in mainstream media. These are various examples of my previous and current projects I am working on here at Cabrillo.  

Outside of the Senate, I am majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. I plan to transfer to UC Berkeley or UCSC next spring to become a professor or practice law. I participate in various annual activities at Cabrillo such as the Grind out Hunger campaign, I am a member of the AGS Honor society, and I was instrumental in the creation of a program here on campus to assist former Foster Youth with their finances and educational pursuits at Cabrillo. My favorite past times include surfing, longboarding, playing the violin, reading, and hiking in the various areas of Santa Cruz.

I serve the students here at Cabrillo because I hold true to the value of reciprocity. Our academic environment here at Cabrillo provides so much for us as individuals that I feel it is necessary that I pay it forward as best as I can. I have a large base of support from the Senate’s current members, enabling me to provide continuity in the next Senate so that we can best serve you. My expertise, passion, perseverance, and humble fidelity to justice are virtues which are conclusive of my worthiness for this position. As your President I will hold strictly to these ideals on your behalf.


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