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Vice-President Candidate

Sharon O'Connor


            As this will be my final year on the Student Senate, it is my goal to model the way for future Senators. I am determined to set a precedent for future students with all abilities to become student leaders themselves.
Over the past two years I have:

  • Been extremely active within the senate and have chaired several committees that have made positive impacts in both the community and to all students on campus.
    • As the chair for the Second Harvest committee, we brought in over 7,000 pounds of food this past year that went to feed the hungry in our community.
  • Been a dependable and reliable source for all senators and students to come to when seeking advice or help.


  • Interacted with state legislatures and have directly challenged administration by voicing student concerns regarding our education.

My goals for the coming year are:

  • To keep communications open between students, faculty, staff, administration and the community at large. I also will ensure that all students are represented, no matter what their abilities are.
  • I will be available for students and senators to talk to about issues that are important to them. I believe it is important to be encouraging and have a supportive environment to foster their leadership potential.


  • I will work collaboratively with the Student Senate President in ensuring that the senate succeeds and business is conducted smoothly and in an orderly fashion. Together, we will build a stronger senate and see to it that all factions of students are equally represented.

Overall, it is my hope to create a shared vision within the Student Senate that will be encouraging of both the heart and mind to properly represent Cabrillo’s Student Body during these budget reductions.



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