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Senator-At-Large Candidate

Abigail Kennedy


To whom it may Concern,

            My name is Abigail Kennedy and I am running to be a Senator-at-Large for the 2013-2014 school year.  The reason for my ambition to run for Senator-at-Large are very vast, however my two main reasons are:

Raising more funds to pay the facility and supporting staff members more.  I feel education is very important and I don’t feel that the Cabrillo Collage staff gets paid enough.  Nor do they have the supporting materials to teach up-to-date material in the classrooms today with our ever-changing technologically/digital based society.

For the student body I want to raise more funds to help grow the “borrow books” option here at Cabrillo Collage.  With the cost of units rising all the time having more books available to rent at a lower cost I feel could help many students here at Cabrillo Collage.

I look forward to having the opportunity to serve all the students and facility here at Cabrillo Collage and appreciate your vote!

Abigail Kennedy


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