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Senate Meetings

Content following this link is only considered acceptable by the Senate per our bylaws if submitted to this folder before 3:00pm on the monday preceding the senate meeting.

Example if there is an item on the agenda requesting money but there is no RFF in this folder by 3:00pm on monday then the senate will not consider this item. This is to ensure transparency. This is following best practices and laws set by our Bylaws, the Brown Act and California Public Records Act.

These are recorded sessions of the Senate I apologize if the quality is below par.

Passcode: 613218 or 877941

You can also call this number and use the same above passcode to hear the meeting real time.

(888) 886-3951

If somehow that does not work go to

search for ASCC and there should be listed ASCC Student Senate General Meeting and executive.

If there are any flaws on this page please contact me at

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Note: Our Agendas are posted on the SAC East doors for 24 hour viewing availability within 72 hours of the meeting.

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