Cmap Customized Link Generator

This page allows you to create a custom link on Cabrillo's Cmap, which will zoom in on a spot of your choice, accompanied with an optional info window. There is also the option of creating multiple icons (example: bathrooms in the 2000 area), each with their own text box. We created this as a means of allowing Cabrillo staff and faculty to encode useful information; for example, a meeting location (example) that you could send in an email, or an office location (which could go on one's website to help others find it).

To create your custom link:

  1. Use the map on the right to find the location of each of your markers (clicking on buildings makes the interior appear; you can also use the drop-down menu to zoom in on a building). Once you've found a location you want to place a marker, place your cursor in the field labeled 'GPS coordinates', as if you were going to type them in. Once the cursor is in the GPS text box, right-click on the location of the marker on the map to the right; this will cause the GPS coordinates to automatically populate the text field!
  2. Type the information just as you want it to be displayed on the map into the 'description' box. Due to the way the information is encoded, the symbols $ (dollar sign), & (apersand), and ~ (tilde) are not allowed. Line breaks will be preserved. If you leave this blank, the marker will appear without the associated information window.
  3. The 'make information box visible on load' option will make the page load with the boxes visible (example). If you do not check it, the user will only see the pin icon. When they hover over the icon, the info box will appear, and they can toggle the visiblility on/off by clicking the icon (example). We make this visibility optional because having all the info boxes open at once becomes very cluttered if there are too many of them.
  4. If you are only entering one locatiton, you're done, press 'generate custom link' and it will be displayed! If you would like to add more markers, press 'add another marker'. A new set of GPS and description boxes will appear. Enter the information just as before, and continue clicking the 'add another marker' button until you have enough. Then, once you've entered the last one, click 'generate custom link' to produce the link.

The links generated by this application can be used in a few ways. They can be encoded into a web page (as the examples above have been; if you would like assistance on how to encode your custom Cmap link into your web page, please contact the TLC), or you can simply copy paste it for one-time use it in an email, IM, etc.

*Note* the syntax for these costom links has changed since the initial launch, as such, links created before late Obcober are deprecated and may no longer function. We apologize for any inconvenience! This project is currently in beta; as such, there are a few things we're still working on. It doesn't yet detect which floor a user is on when they select their GPS coordinates, so if the location is on the second floor, it won't work quite right. We're welcome to feedback! Let us know if there's any bugs you've encountered.

add another marker generate custom link

Your custom link is:

Check the box below to prevent floor plans from automatically being made visible when a marker is over that building. This is typically desireable when the features being added to your custom map are not within a building, but may be near them. Due to the way the building overlays are interpreted, sometimes it will mistake a marker that is near a buidling for being within it, and make that floor plan visible when you don't want it to (which can be visually distracting from the pins you are actually trying to place). However, if the pin is representing a room inside a building, you probably should leave it unchecked, so that the interior will be visible.

Don't automatically show floor plans under pins

GPS coordinates: (click inside this box to select it, then right click or double click the desired location on the map to populate the field!)
make information box visible on load


Clicking on a building name will list the current departments. Clicking on the building boundaries will show or hide its map, if available. Continuing to click will scroll through the floors if the building is multiple stories

Show/Hide: Show or hide all building map layers

Jump to ...: Jump and zoom to selected building

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