State Minimum Qualifications

Art Studio :


   Master's degree in fine arts, art, or art history OR

   Bachelor's degree in any of the above AND

  Master's degree in humanities OR

  the equivalent.


Note : “Master's degree in Fine Arts” as used here refers to any Master's degree in the subject matter of fine arts, which is defined to include visual studio arts such as drawing, printing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, and metal and jewelry art, and also art education and art therapy. It does not refer to the “Master of Fine Arts” degree when that degree is based on specialization in performing arts or dance, film, video, photography, creative writing, or other non-plastic arts.


Equivalency Requirements

Equivalency to an academic degree shall include the same depth of knowledge in the discipline and breadth of general education that is required for the degree to meet the minimum qualifications. Equivalent preparation for employment shall be considered under any one category or any combination of the categories listed below:


•  Degree in related field with equivalent course work in the required discipline as indicated by transcripts and/or thesis subject.


•  Equivalent degrees from foreign universities (as determined by an agency selected by Cabrillo College ).


•  Course work at an accredited institution of higher education AND state-approved continuing education units applicable for maintaining licensure AND/OR an internship for licensure AND/OR equivalent professional or work experience AND/OR equivalent verifiable accomplishments of eminence in the discipline including but not limited to: publications, research, seminars, creative works, professional performances or exhibitions, honors or awards.