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Safety Compliance Enforcement

A system should be in place to ensure that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices. This may include the use of incentives, training or retraining, and disciplinary action.

Required Activities:

1. To encourage safe behavior on the job, first line supervisors should acknowledge their employees for performing work safely. This provides positive affirmation and encourages cooperation with the program.

2. Any employees making an exceptional contribution to the Safety Program should be recognized with a brief letter (with a copy to the employee’s personnel file).

3. If a supervisor observes an employee performing in an unsafe manner, he/she should determine the reason. If disciplinary action is required, the procedure identified in item # 4 below should be used. If a lack of knowledge is involved, appropriate training should be provided.

4. When an employee is uncooperative and deliberately does not support the Program or does not follow safe work practices, disciplinary action in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement should be exercised.

5. It is the responsibility of every supervisor to ensure that all of his/her employees receive a personal copy of the General Safe Work Practices and Department Specific Safe Work Practices (if department specific practices exist for the department).

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