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Please call Purchasing for pricing on envelopes.

Envelopes 1,000 minimum order.  Delivery time: 5 to 7 days estimate

A Purchase Order must be processed to place an order.

You can use this pricing for budgetary purposes. If you use this pricing to submit your order leave the vendor blank, to be filled in by Purchasing once we check pricing.



Standard #10 Return Envelope


(excluding tax)

1,000 - #10 Standard - black ink/one side
2,500 - #10 Standard - black ink/one side


Window Envelope, Standard #10

1,000 - #10 window standard - black ink/one side
2,500 - #10 window standard - black ink/one side


If you would like a larger quantity of envelopes printed (any job greater than 2,500)

please contact Purchasing and we will be glad to get a quote for you.

Gale Stevens x5613

Therese Doherty x5764

updated 11/09/18

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