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Office Supplies



We currently have our Office Supply Contract with Palace Art & Office Supply.  We now piggyback off the NationalIPA contract #R141701.  The contract includes desktop delivery to all Departments.

You need to have a Blanket Purchase Order in place then you can submit your orders directly to Palace.  If you order by 2:00PM most items will be delivered the next Business day.  Palace also has on-line order entry.  If you would like to be set up to order on-line please contact Purchasing and we will coordinate with Palace to set you up.


Our preferred supplier of office supplies is:

2606 Chanticleer Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: (831) 476-3815
Fax: (831) 476-4036
Web site:

Our Sales Representative is:
Todd Trowbridge
Extension: 352

Our Customer Service Representative is:
Danette Martinez
Extension: 330


Palace will provide you with their catalog. The catalog will have the regular retail pricing so you will need to call for pricing or you can check on-line. If you have an on-line account you will see the items that have contract pricing. For all office supplies go ahead and order on-line. If you would like to order furniture, includes chairs, desks, whiteboards, please call for pricing. Do not order furniture items from this catalog - prices are much better than the web site shows; contact the Purchasing Department and we can help with furniture quotes.


Please call Purchasing, Gale @ 5613 or Therese @ 5764 with any questions.

Updated 11/09/18

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