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Office Supplies



We currently have our Office Supply Contract with Palace Art & Office Supply.  We piggyback off RFP Bid No. 002-08-15 which is done by Parjaro Valley Unified School District.  The contract includes desktop delivery to all Departments.

You need to have a Blanket Purchase Order in place then you can submit your orders directly to Palace.  If you order by 2:00PM most items will be delivered the next Business day.  Palace also has on-line order entry.  If you would like to be set up to order on-line please contact Purchasing and we will coordinate with Palace to set you up.





Our preferred supplier of office supplies is:

2606 Chanticleer Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: (831) 476-3815
Fax: (831) 476-4036
Web site:

Our Sales Representative is:
Todd Trowbridge
Extension: 352

Our Customer Service Representative is:
Emily Windsted
Extension: 330



Below is a spreadsheet of all our contract items:

Cabrill College Contract Items

Palace Cabrillo Special Orders, Returns and Shortages Form June 2012

Palace should provide you with 2 catalogs, a small office supply catalog of the most often ordered items and a full-line catalog. We do have discounts on the full-line catalog but we would need to call for pricing.  You will find your best prices on the contract item list and in the smaller catalog.  If you order quantities of anything always call and get a quote, there might be an additional discount depending what you are ordering.

Do not order furniture items from this catalog - prices are much better than the web site shows; contact the Purchasing Department and we can help with furniture quotes.


Please call Purchasing, Gale @ 5613 or Therese @ 5764 with any questions.

Updated 11/02/17

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