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Tips from the Department Staff


Purchasing Department
  • Check web site before ordering
  • For Requisition instructions see "Forms"
  • Use the recommended vendors
  • Make sure Purchase Requisitions are legible and complete
  • Communicate BEFORE making capital expeditures
  • Call or e-mail either Therese or Gale with any questions
Mail Room
  • Mail is now $.49
  • Mail is for Office Cabrillo Business only
  • Outgoing mail should always have the Department Name
  • Communicate to the mailroom who is in your department
  • Communicate to Jeanine regarding any large mailers so that we can prepare and insure there is enough postage to cover.

Rich Torres
Rich Torres

Rudy Luna
Rudy Luna

  • Purchases orders other than blanket purchase orders for supplies and/or furniture that will go directly to the requested room loaction should be routed through warehouse (except furniture)
  • Blanket purchase orders need to be received promptly and the paperwork sent to Accounts Payable promptly so that we don't get put on credit hold by the vendor. 
  • Make sure the warehouse and mailroom know where your office is located on campus.
  • If it plugs in it will go to CR first
  • Cabrillo stuff only, please
  • Communicate promptly if there is a problem



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