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malroom is in this building


Delivery Services-Daily Schedule

  • Deliveries to all campus locations, including Scotts Valley and Watsonville, will be conducted on Tuesday and Thursday (except for live material).   
  • To arrange pick up for items delivered to the warehouse on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, please contact Rich Torres (x5046) in advance to schedule pick up time between 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

General Tips

  • Purchases orders other than blanket purchase orders for supplies and/or furniture that will go directly to the requested room location should be routed through warehouse (except furniture).
  • Blanket purchase orders need to be received promptly and the paperwork sent to Accounts Payable immediately so that we don't get put on credit hold by the vendor. 
  • Make sure the warehouse and mailroom know where your office is located on campus.
  • If it plugs in it will go to CR first.
  • Cabrillo stuff only, please.
  • Communicate promptly if there is a problem.

Record retention

  • Warehouse will store records according to established regulations.  See the Purchasing website for procedures (to be posted by October 24, 2011).
  • In 2011-12, requests to store or pick up records will be accepted at a time to be determined.
  • In 2012-13, requests to store or pick up records will be accepted at a time to be determined.
  • Email a request to store or pick up records to Rich or Rudy, at


Shipping- UPS or Federal Express

  • All shipments must be college related (no personal).
  • Provide an account number for shipping charges.
  • Information needed before any packages can be shipped:
    1. Value of shipment
    2. Must have a physical address (no PO Box)
    3. Label- Does the package have a pre-printed label with a return address? 
    4. RMA- (Return Merchandise Authorization) Do you have an RMA number or label from the Vendor?

Shipment must arrive in the Warehouse no later than 1:00PM

to go out the same day.

Shredding of Documents

  • All requests for document shredding should go through the Warehouse. 

Updated 4/16/12

Contact Information
Warehouse-Rich Torres
Phone: 831.479.5046
Hours 7:30am-4:00pm
Delivery Services-Rudy Luna
Phone: 831.479.5085
Department Staff and Faculty Directory Map and Directions
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