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Emergency Disaster Preparedness

Co-chairs: Joe Nugent and Joe Clarke
Membership: Jason Camara, Sesario Escoto, Rachel Mayo and student representative, Laura Hunerberg

Goals and Objectives:



Emergency Response Plan
Training & Documentation



Emergency trainings & updates
SIMS/NEMS compliance requirements
Emergency information distribution






Comment / Status

Emergency Response Develop a 'Cabrillo Specific' Emergency Response Program to augment the currently approved 'Disaster Policy. Emergency Response reference information is reviewed at least annually to ensure currency.   Program introduced in May 01, updated Feb 02.  

Ensure that the campus is prepared to respond appropriately to a wide range of potential emergencies. 


-  Develop an Emergency Response binder with job descriptions, contact information, and communications tools.
-   Train the Incident Command Team
-  Assign and train Building Managers
-  Hold training meetings with each division & special needs group
-   Post emergency and first aid information in each classroom and common area.
-  Create an Emergency Response website. 
-  Plan annual emergency drills. Develop formalized plans for assisting people with disabilities in the event of an emergency.

Staff able to demonstrate their competence during emergency drills.

Incident Command team and Building Mangers trained.


Website developed.

'Tabletop drill held Feb 02

Work is underway to develop improved plans for disabled people on campus.





Comment / Status


Ensure that appropriate actions are taken to provide for the safety of people and property on the Cabrillo campuses. 



Work with the Cabrillo Sheriff's Team to ensure that campus security issues are addressed.

Ensure that emergency phone numbers are posted throughout the campus and that 'blue-light' phones are operational.

Provide a means for students, faculty, staff and administration to make suggestions regarding security.



Campus crime statistics show improvement annually and detailed plans exist to address any areas where crime is increasing.

The Director of Protective Services for the Cabrillo Sheriff's office is responsible to meet the requirements of the 'Campus Safety Act'.

The Director is an advisory member of this committee and ensures issues are addressed as they are discovered.

Sheriff's website allows for feedback to the campus Sheriff's team.

Power Failures:

Ensure that the campus is safe in the event of a power failure. 

M&O has plans to immediately check elevators in the event of a power failure.  (In the event of a rolling blackout with advance notice, M&O will shut down elevators in preparation)

Entire campus checked within 30 minutes of a power failure.


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