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Our Condolences to Umpqua Community College, Oregon

The Cabrillo Community College Board of Trustees and I join with California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris in extending our condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the families, friends and colleagues of those devastated by the horrific events at Umpqua Community College in Oregon yesterday. Our hearts go out to them, and we will continue to keep them in our thoughts. This senseless tragedy serves to remind us that we must take extra care to be diligent and alert in order to keep our campus safe. We have implemented the 'See Something, Say Something, Do Something' initiative at Cabrillo College, and all members of the Cabrillo College community engage in regular, emergency preparedness trainings. Our Emergency Preparedness procedures are outlined on the College website, here. If anyone has questions regarding this situation or our emergency procedures, please contact me by phone (831.479.6306) and I will respond as quickly as possible. Our campus Sheriff's Deputy Michael MacDonald can be reached at 831.471.1121 or at

Dr. Laurel Jones
President and Superintendent
Cabrillo College

cabrillo signSafety Committee


Safety/Emergency Preparedness Home Page

Staff, student, and visitor safety is a primary concern of the Governing Board and Administration of Cabrillo College. The District’s obligation is to provide and maintain safe working and learning conditions and equipment at all times, and to comply with standards prescribed by applicable state and local laws and regulations. Prevention of accidents to staff, students, and visitors is the responsibility of all levels of administration, including division chairpersons, department heads and supervisors. Their leadership and participation is expected in all safety and health related activities. Safety must always be an integral part of any function or work performed. To meet this obligation, a Safety and Health Program shall be established and maintained. See Board Policy 3500 for more information.

The Safety Committee is divided into subcommittees to provide a more hands-on approach to the specific issues related to campus safety. All subcommittee chairpersons serve on the Safety Committee. Subcommittees will meet when issues of importance arrise to evaluate and monitor issues and action items in their respective areas. Each subcommittee is required to provide a written report to the Safety Committee quarterly.

JPA Safety Coordinator's Report (6 pgs.pdf.)

2013 Consumer Confidence Report (Well Water)
2014 Consumer Confidence Report (Well Water)

Regulatory and Hazmat Environmental Compliance
Co-chairs: Jason Camara and Joe Nugent
Membership: Rachel Mayo and Tasha Sturm

Goals and Objectives

  • Training
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Policy suggestions to Governing Board
  • Information dissemination
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Repository


  • Regulatory Agency Annual Reporting
  • HazMat



Safety, Health & Injury
Co-chairs: Katie Dowling, Michelle Donohue, Sue Torres
Membership: Rachel Mayo, Derek Fenster, Tasha Sturm and Laura Hunerberg (Student Rep)

Goals and Objectives

  • Training
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Information Dissemination



    • Security and Safety Issues
    • Smoking Policy
    • Student and Employee Injury Reporting
    • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)



Emergency Disaster Preparedness
Co-chairs: Joe Nugent and Oscar Guillen
Membership: Jason Camara, Michelle Donohue, Rachel Mayo, and Laura Hunerberg (student rep)

Goals and Objectives

  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Ongoing Training and Documentation


  • Emergency trainings and updates
  • SIMS/NEMS compliance requirements
  • Emergency Info distribution (via phone system)




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