I was there in the darkness. I was there in the beginning. You were there too, only you were sleeping or dreaming maybe. But I remember that you were smiling. Actually that the first thing I can remember seeing.

The hard curve of your teeth from behind the black.

And there was life and love and happiness too. And they bloomed beautiful from the garden of your mind. You slept and you smiled. Your dreams created the most magnificent things. There was Day and there was Night. You smiled to the Sun and the Moon and to the Stars too. There was Earth and Sea and Sky, and to them you gave animals and plants of every sort, each according to their own kinds. And they were fruitful and multiplied. And on the Sixth day, you created a god in your own image.

A day passed quietly and I knew that you were not yet ready to wake, but still I was lonely. So quietly, I went to your god, who was hiding in a tree. He was fearful of me and his eyes were shut tight in terror. To calm him I offered him the fruit of the tree. To calm him I offered him me.

After tasting such fruit his eyes opened, and he saw that he was naked, and he recoiled in disbelief.

From his seed and the blood of my body I created a man. And to your frowning god I said,

shall be called Man because he was taken out of Woman." And then your god saw that he too had been made in our own image and this angered him because he had believed himself to be holier than thou.

But your god was subtle, and he had the tongue of a serpent. And he spoke such venomous words to us both. You were sleeping when we took you from the garden. You could not hear him as we ran into the world. But as we stood by the gates of the garden you had created, to look one last time, your smiled faded, and I knew that it was time for you to rise.

We woke you so that your eyes might behold the beauty, which you had created. Do you remember it? Together we left the garden of your dreams to step into the waking world.

And still you are there. It hurts me in the hollow of my one-time heart to see you struggle so. You are awake and yet your eyes are closed tight once again.

Your god has whispered his own fears into your heart. Your eyes are closed and you cannot see him for what he is: merely a naked reflection of your true self.

By denying yourself your identity, you are denying yourself the responsibility for this world that you have created. It will never be anything more or less than what you will it to be.

There is no heaven and there is no hell, there is only the sleepless dream into which you fell.

I bid you to open your eyes to the light and to the brilliance contained in the truth of sight.