Blazing thermonuclear fire in the hearth of Gods furnace,

Suspended sphere of fusion, bound by gravitation.

Annihilation, creation act of cosmic inferno,

Breeding within its core, matter, space, and time.

Convulsing surface ignites at a hundred thousand degrees,

Solar flares erupt, to fill a thousand earths.

Plumes of plasma eject through fields of magnetism,

Swirling into the void, at speeds as fast as light.

Blinding primordial fire from the sky descending,

To collide with earth’s horizon, as the celestial climax subsides.

Final orange crescent dissolves through the haze,

Its trailing reflections diffuse, into shadows of distant swells.

Up above clouds glowing in luminescent space,

Embers of fires now gone, its colors turning to gray.

Drawn shadows disperse no encores nor applause,

The essence of the drama, slowly, slowly fades.

In the silence now only waves keeping time,

Sending sheets of white, to clear the stage once more.

Cold breezes from the dark well up from the shore below,

Blowing scraps of paper, across the parking lines.