Welcome to the Porter Gulch Review,Spring 1999, Online
  Elizabeth Bourget San Jose del Cabo
  Shea Johnson Assumptions
  Alvin Karp Guardian Angel
  Meeka Levin Purple Sun Set
  T.C. Marshall La Foi Cheri
    The Crown of Our Imperfections
    Whose Terror and Who's Terrorism
  Bobby Mckee Sunset at Manresa
  Leon Petty Kafka
  Jack Scainetti Message
  David Sullivan Dragonflies
    Holding On
  Phil Wagner Cleaning the Garage
  Juanita Aguilera The Struggle
  Elizabeth Bourget Shattered Lives
  Joye Breton The Princess and the Dragon
  Tamara Fisher Salt Lake Lesbians
  Peter R. Greene The Withdrawal
  Jeffrey Hagar The Fourth Roommate
  Kearstin Krehbiel Eve
  David N. Lippman The Night
  Roxan McDonald Pain
  Arthur Oroz Guam
  Jessica Tunis Stone Soul
  Andrew Vahldieck A Man Called Father
  Eden White Crazy