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Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab

Need to Enroll?
Where to find Art
Due Date

Need to enroll in ART 50L Gallery Viewing Lab?
Enroll through Webadvisor. After the semester has begun select one of the available open section numbers in Webadvisor. No Add Codes needed!

Fall, 2015 –  All Art 50L reports must be submitted on Blackboard by 11:59pm – Friday, December 18.

Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab – Instructions

Art 50L is designed to complement and enhance the art class in which you are concurrently enrolled. It is required for one semester for art students. Note: Students enroll in Art 50L only once per semester, even if they are taking two or more art classes. Read and follow directions in order to receive credit! This lab is .5 units of credit.

Blackboard is an online program where the Art 50L form is located. Go to to Activate Your Account. Once you have activated your account you will have access to the Art 50L form and directions. You must download the form to your computer and save your work there or on a thumbdrive. The form is a pdf that you can enter information into – be sure to save your work. All Art 50L forms must be completed and turned in through Blackboard by 11:59pm on Friday, December 18th.

  • What You Must Do!
    View and correctly document 12 different public art exhibitions and document either 2 lectures or documentary art films or one of each. Exhibition viewings should always be done in person during the semester you are enrolled.
  • Questions? Check out the ART 50L – FAQ page on Blackboard, Art 50L FAQ or contact us directly. We’re happy to help!

Exhibitions: Choose no more than one piece per exhibit – 12 different exhibits – original artwork only

Lectures / Documentary Films: Choose lectures or films (outside of class – on or off campus) pertaining to the arts: art history, a movement in art, a particular artist, or group of artists

  • What Works:
    1. Commercial Art Galleries, College galleries, non-profit galleries, alternative spaces. (one report per exhibit)
    2. Museums (1 viewing per exhibition - with a maximum of 6 viewings per museum)
    3. Open Studios (limit 6)
    4. Art Fairs and Festivals (1 booth/artist per event)
    5. Cafes and Restaurants (limit 6 - one report per venue)
    6. Murals and public art (1 per city)
    7. Exhibits in the Cabrillo Gallery (one report per exhibit)

  • What Doesn’t Work:
    1. Incomplete forms: fill the form out completely or you will receive a no credit
    2. Reproduction or poster galleries (always choose original artwork), card shops, clothing stores
    3. Web sites or virtual galleries
    4. No Cabrillo College (Aptos campus) display cases
    5. Your room, a friend's house, etc.
    6. In-class reports lectures and documentary films
    7. Performing arts (such as music, dance or theatre)
    8. Tattoos, or tattoo parlor

If you have any questions concerning your Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab, please contact us:

Cabrillo Gallery
Room 1002, Library Building 1000
Telephone: 831.479.6308, Email Beverly Rayner or for general questions, Email the Cabrillo Gallery
Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday and Tuesday: 7 - 9 p.m.

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Gallery Viewing Spaces
This is a suggested list of art viewing spaces. Explore – Art is Everywhere!

Art Documentary Films on the web:
, Art 21, Netflix

Santa Cruz Art Listings – First Friday Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Co.

Arts Council of Santa Cruz County
Open Studios in October

First Friday Art Tour S.C.

Aptos Coffee Roasting Co.
19 Rancho Del Mar Center
Soquel Drive

Cabrillo Gallery
Cabrillo College
Library, Room 1002
Aptos Campus

Carried Away
7564 Soquel Drive

Mulberry Gallery
8050 #E Soquel Drive

S.C. County Bank
7775 Soquel Drive

Ben Lomond
S. C. Mountains Art Center
9341 Mill Street

Many Hands Gallery
510 Bay Avenue

Mr. Toots Coffeehouse
221 Esplanade

S.C. County Bank
819 Bay Avenue Ste D

White Raven
6253 Hwy 9

Santa Cruz
Artisans Gallery
1368 Pacific Avenue

County Government Center
701 Ocean Street
1st & 5th Floors

Felix Kulpa Gallery
107 Elm Street

Frans Lanting Gallery
207 McPherson St, Suite D

Louden Nelson Center
301 Center Street

Lu Lu Carpenters
1545 Pacific Avenue

MichaelAngelo Gallery
1111-A River St.

Museum of Art & History
705 Front Street

Caffé Pergolesi
418 Cedar Street

Santa Cruz Art League
526 Broadway

S. C. Coffee Roasting Co.
1330 Pacific Avenue

S.C. County Bank
720 Front Street

Santa Cruz Pottery
1642 Mission Street

Sesnon Gallery
Porter College, UCSC

Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery
Cowell College, UCSC

The Bagelry
4763 Soquel Drive

The Ugly Mug
4640 Soquel Drive




Caffe Ella
734 East Lake Avenue
831. 722.0480

Freedom Branch Library
2021 Freedom Boulevard

Pajaro Valley Gallery
37 Sudden Street

S.C. County Bank
595 Auto Center Drive

Sierra Azul Nursery
2660 East Lake Avenue

Watsonville Public Library
275 Main St.

Wild Rose Art Supplies
1929 Main Street

Santa Cruz Co.

Monterey Museum of Art
559 Pacific Street

Monterey Museum of Art
720 Via Mirada

Pacific Grove Art Center
568 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove

Center For Photographic Arts
San Carlos & 9th Street

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts
4th and Guadalupe

Mission Gallery
106 Third Street
San Juan Bautista

Galeria Tonantzin
115 Third Street
San Juan Bautista

Los Gatos
Art Museum of Los Gatos
4 Tait Avenue

San Jose
San Jose Institute of
Contemporary Art

560 South First Street

San Jose Center for Latino Arts
510 South First Street

San Jose Museum of Art
110 S. Market Street

Montalvo Art Center
15400 Montalvo Road

Cantor Arts Center
Stanford University
lomita Drive at Museum Way

San Francisco
Contemporary Jewish Museum
736 Mission Street

de Young Museum
Golden Gate Park

Palace of the Legion of Honor
Lincoln Park -100 34th Ave.

S.F. Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street

Velvet da Vinci
2015 Polk Street

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Center for the Arts
701 Mission Street

Video on the Web


Art 21

Netflix – Art & Design

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Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab – Frequently Asked Questions

• What is an exhibition?

• There isn't a title for the exhibit, what do I do?

• How many art works can I write about from one exhibit?

• There are different artists here. Is each artist’s work a different exhibit?

• When we’re asked, ‘What discipline does this work represent and what is the primary media or material?” – what does “discipline” and  “primary media or material” mean?

•  Which art documentary film should I watch?

•  Where can I find an art documentary film?

•  Can I email my packet in to the gallery?

•  I received a NP (No Pass), what can I do?

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• What is an exhibition?

Exhibitions may be permanent displays or temporary, but in common usage, "exhibitions" are considered temporary and usually scheduled to open and close on specific dates.

The Cabrillo Gallery has three exhibits during the semester. When doing your Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab you may come to each of the three different exhibits and select only one piece of artwork from each of the exhibits for your Art 50L form.

• There isn’t a title for the exhibit, what do I do?

A museum, collage or university will always have a title for their exhibitions. Alternative spaces; such as commercial galleries, stores and coffee shops may not have a title for the exhibit. If that’s the case, write “none” in the space that asks for a title.

• How many art works can I write about from one exhibit?

Always choose only one piece from each exhibit. You should see 12 different exhibits in the course of doing your Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab.

• There are different artists here. Is each artist’s work a different exhibit?

An exhibit may include different artists, but you should select only one piece of art to write about from each exhibit, even if there are multiple different artists within the exhibit.

• When we’re asked, ‘What discipline does this work represent and what is the primary media or material?” – what does “discipline” and  “primary media or material” mean?

“Discipline” refers to the type of artwork it is. For example, the discipline might be painting and the “primary media or material” could be acrylic, watercolor, oil, mixed media, etc. – all of which are paintings. In another example, a sculpture would be the discipline, or type of artwork, and the primary media or material might be bronze, stone, steel, mixed media, ceramic, etc.

•  Which art documentary film should I watch?

Choose an art documentary film that interests you. Art documentaries may be historical overviews, biographies on artists, museum tours, instructional films on a particular art form, and should be at least 10 minutes in length.

•  Where can I find an art documentary film?

You can check out an art documentary film from your local library, watch a video or DVD at the Cabrillo Library or view a documentary film online.

•  Can I email my packet in to the gallery?

No, all packets must be submitted through your Blackboard account.

•  I received a NP (No Pass), what can I do?

If you would like to find out why you received a NP and inquire what work would be necessary in order to receive a grade change, please contact the instructor.


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