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Resources for Certification of IGETC and CSU GE/Breadth and Evaluating Cabrillo Transferable Degrees
(For Counselors)

TES - Transfer Evaluation System

Resources from ACCRAO Evaluation Conference, Feb, 2017

IGETC and UC evaluation

IGETC Cert Form Writable - for UC or CSU

IGETC for STEM Cert Form - for BIO A.S.-T

IGETC Standards 1.9 - updated May, 2018

UC catalogs

18-19 UC TCA - posted January, 2019

UC TCA Guidelines - updated April 2016

Advanced Placement exams chart for UC and IGETC

How UC Evaluates Non-CCC Courses - ppt from ETS event

Certifying a MATH course that doesn't have an Intermediate Algebra Pre-req

IGETC limitations for students who have attended a UC

Summary of Important IGETC Changes

IGETC Q & A -Website

For other questions regarding IGETC you may ask Carolyn Jackson (x6272) or refer to the IGETC Q & A Website (see the link above).

UCSC - Extension courses - how to read the Transcripts

Minimum Unit values and Use of two 3-quarter unit courses for Math-english

IGETC Status prior to F'91 - English courses


CSU GE Cert Form Writable

Executive Order 1100 - 8-23-17 CSU GE Certification Guidelines- Effective for Fall, 2018 incoming students

Executive Order 1061: American Institutions



CSU Long Beach - No GE Cert required as of Fall, 2013 Transfer

Accreditation Website

Universities Abroad with U.S. Regional Accreditation

Evaluating Cabrillo AA and AS Degrees

Degree Requirements by Catalog Year - New

Navigating the Math Maze

Equivalencies by College--(8/03)-helpful but needs updating

Datatel Cheat Sheet

How to Run PSPR (Degree Audit)

Use of Upper Division Units toward Associates Degrees-New

Program Name Changes

SPRO tip - How to assign an Inactive Program in SPRO for Graduation Purposes

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