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Advising Students on ADT's
(For Counselors)

Recommended Steps

STEP 1: Does Cabrillo have an approved ADT in the Discipline? is there one pending? (see AA-T/AS-T Degrees)

STEP 2: Does the desired CSU accept the ADT in the Discipline as a "similar majors"? (link)

STEP 3: Use ASSIST -Campus Specific to plan courses by major for the desired CSU/CSU's from the Cabrillo ADT degree course options.

Resources and Links for Advising Students on ADT's

Verification of ADT's - requirements by campus - November, 2015

SDSU Admission Criteria

SJSU Roadmaps for students with AA-T degrees

Note: for SJSU - Advise completion of US History and PS 1 or 5 prior to transfer

SFSU Roadmaps for students with AA-T degrees

SFSU Degree and ADT Alignment information - by major - June, 2016

Note: for SFSU - Advise completion of US History and PS 1 or 5 prior to transfer

ADT Course Substitution Guidelines with Scenarios

Effective Practices for Determining ADT Course substitutions

Course Substitution Reciprocity for ADT's - ppt

Reciprocity/Course Substitution/Credit by Exam on ADT's - updated September, 2013

Advising Tool for A.A.-T./A.S.-T. degrees (Revised: 7/25/2012)

Counselor Training Powerpoint

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