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A.A.-T./A.S.-T. Associate Degrees for Transfer
(For Counselors)

Cabrillo currently has the following Associate Degrees for Transfer (A.A.-T.'s/A.S.-T.'s) approved as of October, 2017

AS-T logo(Click on degree name to link to program description and requirements)

Agriculture Plant Sciences A.S.-T

Anthropology A.A.-T

Art - See Studio Art below

Art History A.A.-T.

  • Historical AH A.A.-T available for:

Biology A.S.-T. - approved with IGETC for STEM (click for explanation)

Business Administration A.S.-T.

Communication Studies A.A.-T.

Criminal Justice (Administration of Justice) A.S.-T.

Early Childhood Education A.S.-T.

Economics A.A.-T.

Elementary Teacher Education A.A.-T.

English A.A.-T.

Environmental Science A.S.-T

Geography A.A.-T.

Geology A.S.-T.

History A.A.-T.

Horticulture - see Agriculture Plant Sciences

Kinesiology A.A.-T.

Math A.S.-T.

Music A.A.-T.

Philosophy A.A.-T

Physics A.S.-T. - requires IGETC for CSU

Political Science A.A.-T.

Psychology A.A.-T.

Sociology A.A.-T

Spanish A.A.-T.

Studio Art A.A.-T.

  • Historical Studio Art A.A.-T available for:

Theatre Arts A.A.-T.


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