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A.A.-T./A.S.-T. Associate Degrees for Transfer

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Cabrillo currently has the following Associate Degrees for Transfer (A.A.-T.'s/A.S.-T.'s) approved as of August, 2013

(Click on degree name to link to program description and requirements)


The following ADT's have been " submitted for approval " and will be available for students to graduate in Fall, 2014:
      Elementary Teacher Education AA-T - submitted
      Studio Art AA-T - under-development


    Advising Students on ADT's

    STEP 1: Does Cabrillo have an approved ADT in the Discipline? is there one pending? (see lists above)

    STEP 2: Does the desired CSU accept the ADT in the Discipline as a "similar majors"? (link)

    NOTE: if "similar majors" link is broken go here ...

    and scroll to the bottom of the page to "CSU Similar Degrees Report"

    (Link will break each time the CSU system updates their Excel document)

    STEP 3: Use ASSIST to plan courses by major for the desired CSU/CSU's from the Cabrillo ADT degree course options.


Other Resources for Advising Students on ADT's:

Instructions for Verification of ADT degrees:

The student who plans to achieve an AA-T/AS-T degree prior to transfer should indicate same on the CSU Mentor Application. Student must then provide the Verification of Intent to Earn Associate of Arts/Science Degree- Transfer form (below) to each CSU to which they are applying.

If the student is achieving an ADT that is not listed on the current year's CSU Mentor application:






. . . the student should indicate "NO" on that portion of the CSU Mentor application, and then notify each CSU of their intent to achieve a pending degree, via the Verification of Intent form. The same Verification form/process/timelines apply for these students.

              Verification of Intent to Earn AA-T/AS-T Form

              Note to Counselors: The Verification of Intent form is attached to the AA-T and AS-T degree petitions and will print out after the RSVP for graduation information.

              Counselors should:

            1. fill out the shaded portion of the Verification of Intent form, make a copy to attach to the degree petition submitted to the A & R evaluator, AND
            2. Make a note on top of the degree petition as to which CSU's the student is applying and submitting the Verification form.

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