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CSU Admission Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 60 transferable semester units.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00** (see below for competitive GPAs)
  • Complete 30 units of general education courses with grades of C or better. The 30 units must include all of Area A (Oral communication, Written Composition, and critical thinking) and Area B4 (quantitative reasoning). All courses in Area B4 have a prerequisite of intermediate algebra.
    Note: It is recommended that students complete all 39 lower division general education units before transfer - AND complete their American Institutions requirements prior to transfer as well.

* Tranferability of course is indicated in the Cabrillo College Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

** The following GPAs will allow transfer students to be competitive in the CSU admissions process: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 3.40-3.60; San Diego State, 3.20; and Long Beach State, 3.0. San Jose State publishes impaction information by major, giving the minimum GPA's required for each program. Some CSU campuses are still admitting eligible students at a 2.00 GPA - however, you should work to achieve the highest GPA possible to be most competitive.


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