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Developing Transferrable Courses and Resources for Instructional Planning
(For Instructors)

Running ASSIST Reports to identify lower-division parallel courses (Course Search)

Note: to run ASSIST Reports on your current Course Articulations - See "Instructional Planning" below

When developing transferable courses (#s 1-99) it is necessary to cite (in the course outline new or modified proposal- "Comparable Transfer Courses") a *lower division parallel course taught at California State University (CSU) or the University of California (UC). If a course from CSU is cited and it is an acceptable parallel, the Articulation Officer designates the course as CSU transferable after approval by the Cabrillo Curriculum Committee. If a course from UC is cited, the Articulation Officer must submit the course outline to the UC Office of the President (UCOP) for approval. Courses are submitted to UC once a year during June with an appeal process/2nd review process in October. Until the course is approved by UCOP, the transfer credit line appears in both the schedule and catalog as: Transfer Credit: CSU; UC, pending review. Citing a lower division parallel is the best way to ensure that the course can be articulated or submitted for the IGETC or CSU General Education/Breadth requirements.

ASSIST Maintenance Reports can be run to research where courses are taught--whether at a 4yr. or a CCC. To run a maintenance report:

  • use the pull down menu under Database--go to:

  • ASSIST Maintenance Reports-- then click again on the link at the bottom of the page: "Click here to go to the ASSIST Maintenance Reports"

    • NOTE: From some browsers, all you get is a "Site Map" - Choose Database and ASSIST Maintenance Reports from the "tree"

  • username cabrillofac

  • password lcyan.

  • Log On

  • Course Search and using the pull down menus ("ALL INSTITUTIONS") and your Course Title or keywords, run a report (NOTE: you do NOT need to fill in all the fields).

  • then click the big BLUE BUTTON

The report will show where a course is taught and other essential info for the lower division parallel. Look first for a UC, then a CSU. You may also modify or broaden your title search and try again.

This report will also give you Community Colleges with similarly titled courses - see below on what is required to use 3 CCC's as documentation for a Baccalaureate-level course if no UC or CSU lower-division parallel course can be found:

In 06-07, the Cabrillo Faculty Senate approved a new way to achieve transferable status. If a faculty member can show that a course meets the baccalaureate criteria set forth by the CSU Academic Senate and show that a similar transferable course is taught at three (3) CCCs - and their courses are CSU or UC transferable, the course can be submitted to Academic Council for approval of transferable status (a number between 1 and 99.) To download the CSU baccalaureate criteria, click here. To download the Academic Council form click here. For help with research on CCC courses, consult with the Articulation Officer-Carolyn Jackson,, or call X6272.

NOTE: Since transfer students choose their courses based on whether the course satisfies either general education or lower division preparation for the major, it is still advisable to find a lower division parallel.

To facilitate researching *lower division parallels, the links to all the UC and CSU catalogs are available below and also from the Articulation home page. Some of the catalogs are readily available online and others need to be downloaded and read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The course numbering system of the transfer school is the first thing to determine when researching courses. The most common error made in presenting parallel courses is presenting an upper division rather than a lower division course.

See Course Numbering systems at CSU and UC

Instructors may also want to explore ASSIST (the statewide database for articulation agreements) as a way to research where course development is needed for major preparation. ASSIST contains all our course to course and major preparation agreements with participating CSU and UC campuses. Another helpful site for curriculum development is the Community College Chancellor's Office site. Here you can find examples of best practices for developing course outlines and information about general education lists. Just click on the links below.

ASSIST is somewhat user friendly but if you have questions, e-mail at or call X6272 - Carolyn Jackson, Articulation Officer

Sample ASSIST reports: run for "Digital Photography" Course Search

Instructional Planning - How to research your current course articulations:

The process for researching how and where your current courses articulation (often required during the instructional planning process) is very similar to that described above:

ASSIST Maintenance Reports can be run to research where your courses are articulated at the CSU and UC. To run a maintenance report go to:

  • use the pull down menu under Database--go to:

  • ASSIST Maintenance Reports--click on the link "Click here to go to the ASSIST Maintenance Reports"

    • NOTE: From some browsers, all you get is a "Site Map" - Choose Database and ASSIST Maintenance Reports from the "tree"

  • username cabrillofac

  • password lcyan.

  • Log On

  • From the list on the left in blue, choose "Course Articulation Summary"

  • Select an Institution "Cabrillo College"

  • Select a term - Current, e.g. "F16, Sp17"

  • Select a prefix - i.e. your course (you have to run a report for each course separately)

  • Select "All Institutions" - this will include CSU's and UC's, and Select "Expanded List"

  • then click the big BLUE BUTTON

  • It will take about 30 seconds to generate the report and you can easily scan to see how and where your course is articulated. Then hit the back button on your browser to revise the settings for the next report (i.e. choose the next course).

Sample ASSIST report - "Course Artic. Summary" - AP 9A (link below)


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