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Online Degree Petitions
(For Counselors)

**NOTE** writable forms available if using Firefox as your browser! If using Chrome, you will need to download the petitions/cover sheet before you can type into them.

Graduation Petition cover sheet - for use with Program Eval/Degree Audit reports

For Graduation Fall, 2018 or Spring, 2019

2019 Graduation Commencement Ceremony Participant Information - print for:Certificates of Achievement/Skills Certificate graduates (Coming soon for 2019 graduation!)


Instructions for Verification of ADT degrees:

The student who plans to achieve an AA-T/AS-T degree prior to transfer should indicate same on the CSU Mentor Application. Student must then provide the Verification of Intent to Earn Associate of Arts/Science Degree- Transfer form (below) to each CSU to which they are applying.

If the student is achieving an ADT that is not listed on the current year's CSU Mentor application

. . . the student should indicate "NO" on that portion of the CSU Mentor application, and then notify each CSU of their intent to achieve a pending degree, via the Verification of Intent form. The same Verification form/process/timelines apply for these students.

Verification of Intent to Earn AA-T/AS-T Form

Note to Counselors: The Verification of Intent form is attached to the AA-T and AS-T degree petitions and will print out after the RSVP for graduation information.

Counselors should:

  1. Fill out the shaded portion of the Verification of Intent form, make a copy to attach to the degree petition - and submitted to Mario Garcia in the Transfer Center, AND
  2. Make a note on top of the degree petition as to which CSU's the student is applying and submitting the Verification form.


Military Credit - Cabrillo Policy for DD214


Student Degree Worksheets (Most Current / Updated)

**Student Degree Worksheets 2018-2019 - updated 11-26-18

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