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Assistive Technology Classes & Services


CABT 111, Using Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking and Windows Speech Recognition are taught in an 8 week intensive course. Type and control the computer by voice. Two sections are offered in Fall 2010.

CABT 272, Assistive Technology Instruction

CABT 272 is a semester-length 1 unit course designed to give students the opportunity to learn assistive technology software and hardware that are relevant to the students' needs or disabilities.

CABT 111 and 272 classes meet in Room 1402, in the Computer Technology Center, nearest to Parking Lot M.


Make a 30-minute appointment to learn about assistive technology and services, including accommodations, or for orientation to the specialized lab. Examples of topics covered in appointments include: use of JAWS screen reader, ZoomText screen magnification software, Kurzweil 3000 learning software, TextAloud text-to-speech software, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Windows speech recognition software. Services include instruction in scanning, converting text to MP3, test-taking strategies with Kurzweil 3000 and much more.

Appointments can be made by calling the A.T. lab at 831-477-5262, or Disabled Student Services at 479-6379.

The Assistive Technology Instructor also coordinates accommodations involving assistive technology. If you need to use A.T. hardware or software in a classroom or lab (which doesn't have it currently), make a request to the AT specialist by phone, email, or in person. For test accommodations, contact Disabled Student Services.

What Is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology can be described as hardware or software designed to make it possible for a person to access computer technology who otherwise would not be able to or who would be severely limited.  For example, a person with repetitive strain injury and wrist pain who finds a standard keyboard and mouse inaccessible would choose assistive technology--in this example, speech recognition software.

What Technology Is Right for Me?

Matching a person to assistive technology software and hardware is a process of trial and error. Only you will know what works best for you, but we can make suggestions, show you possibilities, and give you ideas for what might be useful for you. To get a better idea of what assistive technology hardware and software is available at Cabrillo College, click on the AT Hardware and Software link.

Lab Hours

The Assistive Technology Lab is located within the Computer Technology Center (CTC). The open hours can be found at  CTC Hours Page.

Supported Lab hours (where the Assistive Technology Specialist is present to assist students) change each semester: however, generally speaking, in Fall and Spring Semesters we staff both morning and afternoon hours; in Winter and Summer no AT instructional support is present. Please call the lab for more details.

Contact  Information

  Phone: (831) 477-5262  email: caingel [at]
  During Winter and Summer sessions, contact DSPS at 479-6379.

Assistive Technology Lab
Phone: 831.479.5652
Location: Computer Technology Center, Bldg #1400
Hours See the CTC Hours Page

* During Winter and Summer Sessions, contact DSPS at 831.479.6379.

Department Staff and Faculty
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