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Using Laptops on Hawknet at the Watsonville Center

What is Hawknet?

Hawknet is a free wireless internet service provided by Cabrillo College to its staff and students.

Where is Hawknets wireless access on the Watsonville Campus?

Wireless access is available on every floor in buildings A and B at the Watsonville Center.

How do I log in to Hawknet?

Launch the browser (Firefox or IE) to get the login box. Log in using your student network account.

How do I get a student network account?

To activate your account, go to the Watsonville Computer lab in room A310, or the Aptos CTC in the 1400 Building. You can also activate your account in the Aptos Campus Library.

How do I know if I am connected?

You will see this screen when you try to browse the web:

Hawknet login window

Can I access my network folders and network printers?

No, student network folders are no loger available and printers are on a separate network.

Can I FTP from Hawknet ?

Yes, but you must launch the browser first to login to Hawknet. Then you can FTP.

Is Hawknet a secure wireless network?

It's up to you. This is an open public network. Other people can potentially see what you do online while using Hawknet. For this reason, we strongly encourage the use of secure network protocols and recommend using website addresses that start with "https://". It is vital that you take steps to protect your personal information. Additionally, make sure that your anti-virus and spyware removal programs are up-to-date.

Can I use Hawknet if I am Faculty or Staff?

Yes, simply remember to prefix your regular network login name with "STAFF\". For example, "STAFF\FiLastna".

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