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COVID-19 and Fall Courses Update

Shelter In Place: Most Classes/Services Online through Fall Semester

Contact Information

Hours: Monday-Friday
8am - 5pm
Phone: 831.479.6379
Fax: 831.479.6393* temporarily inactive
Virtual Fax: 831.477.3738
TTY: 831.479.6421
(for hearing impaired)
Location: Outside Room 1073,
Upstairs behind the library in The Hub.
Students outside on campus



The ASC Proctoring Center provides a distraction-reduced environment for students with accommodations to take exams and quizzes.  It is not a drop-in center. Arrangements must be made in advance.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is hardware or software designed to make it possible for a person to access computer technology who otherwise would not be able to or who would be severely limited.

Alternate Media

A student registered with the Accessibility Support Center, with proper documentation, may be eligible to receive text in alternate format. Examples of formats offered include electronic text (e-text), digital audio, text enlargement, and braille.

Additional Accommodations

  • Note Taking
  • Equipment loans
  • Tutoring Referrals
  • Academic Support Referrals and Coordination
  • On-Campus Transportation
  • Priority Registration
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Special Parking
  • Individualized accommodations based on need


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