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COVID-19 Update

Shelter In Place: Most Classes/Services Online through Fall Semester

Contact Information

Hours: Monday-Friday
8am - 5pm
Phone: 831.479.6379
Fax: 831.479.6393* temporarily inactive
Virtual Fax: 831.477.3738
TTY: 831.479.6421
(for hearing impaired)
Location: Outside Room 1073,
Upstairs behind the library in The Hub.
Instrcutor working with students

Useful Information for Faculty

Referring Students to the Accessibility Support Center

If you notice a student struggling in your class with focus, following instructions, transposing letters/numbers, exhibiting more than normal frustration or anxiety, reports PTSD or mental health issues, physical impairments or anything that makes you think that this student may need more support than you can provide, please refer to the ASC. Note that students who are walked over to our location are more likely to follow-through with services. Please let the student know that these services are confidential.

Recommended Language for Syllabus

ASC provides a model statement for syllabi as follows:

“Students needing academic support/accommodations should contact the instructor as soon as possible.  As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. If you need assistance with an accommodation, please contact the Accessibility Support Center (ASC) at 831-479-6379 or 831-479-6370, located in the HUB/2nd floor of the library, room 1073.”

For Your Information


An accommodation is an adjustment or modification for disability to ensure equal access to course materials for a person with a disability. Examples of accommodations [link to accommodations page] might include extra time on tests, preferential seating, notetakers, or alternate formats such as digital text, audio or braille. Students who are eligible for accommodations must provide to their instructors an accommodation form, signed by an ASC faculty specialist.

Test Proctoring

Students with accommodations for extended time on tests or a need for a distraction-reduced environment, schedule their exams at the Proctor Center.

Please submit all quizzes and exams a minimum of one (1) business day in advance so that the proctor is prepared to provide the exam when the student arrives. Make sure to include all instructions or special considerations with your test. See Proctoring Page

When students require Alt Media, such as enlarged print for their exams, it is essential the test arrive at the ASC office at least one business day in advance to ensure that the Alt Media Specialist has time to make the necessary changes.

The exams can be submitted either by: Email: OR, In-person at the Proctor Center. (Please use PINK ENVELOPE)

Captioning and Deaf Students

Deaf and hearing impaired students will sometimes have interpreters and will need access to any videos shown in your class through captioning or subtitles. Here is a sample of a letter you may receive if you have a deaf student enrolled in your class.

Creating Accessible Media

Faculty are responsible for providing accessible media in their classes. The Teaching and Learning Center provides faculty and staff resources and training to create accessible media and web pages. Training also includes steps for captioning video and web content design.

Other Useful Information

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