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Note Takers

After securing an accommodation form from a ASC Counselor or LD Specialist, students will recruit their own note-takers from their classes or ask their instructors for assistance in obtaining a note taker. If funding is available, note-takers will be paid a flat rate determined by the ASC office. NCR paper will be provided by the ASC for all note-takers. Students utilizing note taking services must attend class.

How  to get Note-Taking Services

  1. Complete a student  file with the ASC office.
  2. Discuss note taking assistance, receive an accommodation form, if appropriate, from an ASC Counselor or LD Specialist.
  3. Students can either make an announcement themselves in class, or after a "confidential" consultation with their instructor, the instructor can make an announcement to the class. Students can also ask a friend for assistance.

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