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Shelter In Place: Most Classes/Services Online through Fall Semester

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Hours: Monday-Friday
8am - 5pm
Phone: 831.479.6379
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Location: Outside Room 1073,
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Success Stories

Christina Che

Christina Che

Christina Che enrolled at Cabrillo as part of the Honors Transfer Program and immediately joined a variety of clubs. However, she hit roadblocks such as not passing classes or not getting the results she wanted regardless of putting in a lot of time. Unhappy that she was wasting time re-taking classes, she started thinking that college may not be right for her.  An instructor noted that she was bright but not passing and recommended that she go check out the ASC.

"That’s when I learned about my individual learning style. I had difficulties in high school but didn’t know there were different learning styles. I thought there was something wrong with me."

Christina learned she is a kinesthetic learner. Her accommodations included extended time for tests, audio books, one-on-one tutorial referrals, and counseling services.

If not for ASC, I definitely wouldn’t have found the confidence to be the successful student I am. I measure success by how happy I am. Going through ASC made me happy and I was able to excel in my classes.

She then began enjoying college and realized that math was her calling. Christina became a math tutor and is transferring to USCS in math.

“I love the experience of working with a student and watching the light bulb go off after working for a long time.”

When needed, Christina encourages students to check out the ASC, going as far as walking them over. She is thrilled that ASC services are available in Watsonville now.


JM originally planned to attend a four-year college after high school to play football but he didn’t receive the offers he was looking for. He decided to attend Cabrillo College, where he could play football and work toward transferring to a four-year college.

He started with the ASC upon entry into Cabrillo.

"With the ASC, I received the extra assistance I needed, which allowed me to succeed in my classes. I started out very excited about football but soon became even more excited and focused on mechanical engineering. I was surprised to find myself gaining such an interest in my schoolwork and courses. "

JM took advantage of accommodations such as extra time to take tests and early registration, and wound up excelling in his classes, achieving a 3.5 GPA.

I gained peace of mind with the extra time allowed for time-oriented tasks, which can be difficult for people with disabilities like mine. I even had access to background information about instructors through ASC counselors who knew the best professors for me given my accommodation needs.

JM is starting at UC Davis this Fall in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from a farming family, JM had many mechanical projects at his disposal. So he always knew he wanted to work in engineering. His time at Cabrillo College with the ASC gave him the opportunity to reach his goal. JM says he feels prepared for UC Davis and plans on working in agriculture when he graduates and possibly prosthetics later in his career.

Valeria Che

Valeria Che

Valeria Che found her first semester at Cabrillo College unpleasant as she was failing or dropping out of her classes. She noticed that she studied much harder than other students, putting in more time. She understood that she had come in unprepared but it still wasn’t what she expected. She began to take a reduced class load, which helped, but she believed she was capable of more. (that didn’t make sense to her.) Once she communicated her concerns to her instructors and counselors, they steered her toward the ASC. They knew she shouldn’t have to put that much energy into just passing one class. Once she started with the ASC, she learned she had dyslexia.

“It felt good to find out that I wasn’t slow or that school wasn’t for me. It’s just harder for me to read a book.”

After being diagnosed, Valeria’s accommodations included extra test time and use of a tape recorder and note takers. These made the classes easier so she could take on a larger class load again.

I gained peace of mind and became encouraged to keep going with my math studies.

Valeria is starting at UCSC as a math major in Fall 2018.

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