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Advanced Supervisory Academy Training Series

Cabrillo Extension can create an account for your company, department or business that allows your employees to register for our classes pending your approval. After approval from someone in your organization, via a simple online interface, Extension can invoice you for your employees' registration in a Cabrillo Extension class. Your company account will allow you to review your company information, approve registration requests made by your employees, review your employees enrollments, and print transactions.

For More information about our "Company Accounts" and how they may be helpful for you and your staff, click here: FAQ Company Accounts

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Advanced Supervisory Academy

In order to be an effective people leader, you need to continuously grow and change. It’s important to embrace your role as a leader– creating clarity for your work team, facilitating involvement, leading team process, leading your team through change, and getting results with and through others.

This new series focuses on the leadership and supervisory skills that sustain organizational success. We look at key competencies that will develop the next generation of organizational leaders such as organizational knowledge, problem solving and decision making, persuasive communication, and managing strategic relationships. The curriculum will enhance professional development, accelerate organizational projects, and secure organizational sustainability through practical learning tools and engaging methods.

Join our new Advanced Supervisory Academy to learn more about transforming your work team, achieving goals together, and unleashing the creative power of your group. This Academy is delivered in seven modules, choose which best meet your needs or attend them all!

Is this Academy for me?
This is for you if you supervise or manage others and have a desire to get better results with your team. This Academy will prepare you to tap into the energy of each group member, creating a higher degree of satisfaction and fulfillment for all – while getting great results!

What are you Paying Now?
We know it can be difficult to be out of the office for any reason - even to support your own development. But the cost of NOT leveraging the power of your team is also at stake. Low engagement, dissatisfaction, and wasted energy all act like invisible drains on your systems. Don’t let this happen to your work team! Take advantage of this flagship course. Join us today!

Join us for our all-new Advanced Supervisory Academy!

7 Thursdays
April 9 - May 21, 2020
5:00 - 8:00 pm

register online

Take ALL SEVEN MODULES for just $385 or individual modules for $64 each.

A comprehensive manual is included for particpants registered in the entire program.


Jennifer Mount has over 15 years of experience in the design and facilitation of professional and leadership development curriculum has crossed the globe and many industries. She has worked with Fortune 500 Companies such as Microsoft, 3M, and Amgen as well as start ups, non-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurs to help enhance employee skills and work performance.


Module 1
Organizational Knowledge
Great performance and effective decision making requires a fundamental understanding of an organization. In this course, we will provide a process to look at both internal and external factors that impact the success of an organization. You will learn about the critical activities and decisions that will benefit the organization. Understand your organization’s competitive advantage and align your priorities to the organization’s strategy. In this module you will:
  • Learn a process to describe how organizations create value for their customers
  • Assess and improve alignment of your activities to the strategic goals of your organization
  • Recognize changes in the external environment and anticipate the impact on organizational operations

Date: Thu., April 9 

Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

Module 2
Collaborative Thinking
In order to enhance creativity and collaboration, we must be able to discuss issues from multiple perspectives. We become more efficient, make better decisions, and collaborate when we have a common language and process to work through ideas and conflict. Build trust, commitment and results in your organization through collective thinking. In this course you will:
  • Learn a thinking process that enables multiple perspectives and collaboration
  • Utilize this process to generate ideas, solve problems, and make decisions
  • Arrange your thinking in a pattern to encourage comparable perspectives


Date: Thu., April 16 
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

Module 3
Problem-Solving & Decision Support
We make decisions and solve problems every moment, yet it is a constant struggle with dueling options and important choices. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the problem solving and decision making process. This process allows you to get to the heart of problems and decision so that you solve the right problem and feel confident in your choices. In this class you will:
  • Prepare yourself for problem solving and decision making
  • Identify stakeholders and criteria for the problem or decision
  • Investigate the root cause of problems
  • Choose a solution or option with an evaluation grid


Date: Thu., April 23 
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

Module 4

Assessing Solutions
In order to meet organizational needs and obtain financial return, it is essential to assess, choose and build a case for potential solutions to problems. Learn how to evaluate potential solutions and determine if a solution makes financial sense. In this class you will:

  • Identify criteria for the solutions assessment
  • Estimate costs and benefits of a solution with common financial calculations
  • Determine the financial return of a solution


Date: Thu., April 30 
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

Module 5

Persuasive Presentations
Within organizational life, we are often called to give presentations that motivate others to take action. Enhance your delivery by understanding the key aspects of persuasive presentations. In this workshop you will:

  • Captivate the audience with a good story and easy to follow structure.
  • Utilize information that is logical, appealing and influential
  • Prepare a script that is clear, compelling, and memorable.


Date: Thu., May 7 
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

Module 6
Behavioral Communication
People give and receive information in unique ways. In order to communicate most effectively, we need to adapt our behaviors and communication to others. Learn how to recognize the communication style of others in order to clearly deliver your message for best receipt. In this class you will:
  • Identify your unique style of behavioral communication
  • Understand individual preference for giving and receiving information
  • Adjust your communication to meet the preference of others


Date: Thu., May 14 
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

Module 7

Motivating Others to Commit
In order to reach goals and achieve results, we need others to support our ideas and to commit to action. Learn to utilize proven persuasion tools that help to identify opposition and gain influence. In this class you will:

  • Apply persuasion techniques to influence others
  • Recognize and address opposition
  • Obtain commitment or agree on next steps


Date: Thu., May 21 
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm                    
Cost: $64

Location: Aptos Campus, room 2100B

register online

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