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Customer Service

customer service



We all know the importance of delivering exceptional customer service! One unhappy customer will tell 9 people, while a satisfied customer is likely to return to your business again and again. The classes in this short series are designed to give you the tools you need to deliver exceptional service to both internal and external customers, deal with difficult customers, and organize your workplace around service-oriented values. If your business has customers (and who doesn’t?), this series is for you!

Register for both classes below: Customer Service Essentials & Dealing with Difficult Customers for just $99!


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Customer Service Essentials

What IS customer service? How do I deliver exceptional service? And why is it so important to my success? These and other questions will be answered in this half-day, highly interactive program.
In this class you will...

  • Assess the needs and expectations of your primary customer groups using the RATER scale
  • Practice critical skills such as stress management, positive speaking skills, and active listening
  • Use and practice open, positive nonverbal communication
  • Learn and practice techniques for turning "walkers" into "talkers" and for handling tough customer situations and conflicts

Fri., Nov 21
9:00 am - 12 Noon
Room: 1522

Fee: $54


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Michelle Waters - see bio below


Dealing with Difficult Customers

We all have them... DIFFICULT customers! Do your customers make your work life more challenging? Do they complain or protest? Do they attack or defend? As a customer service professional, you’ve encountered them all!
Come to this action packed half-day session to...

  • Build understanding about your internal reactions to difficult customers.
  • Practice listening with care and setting appropriate boundaries in difficult situations.
  • Practice recovering a difficult customer after a set-back.
  • Know when to be assertive and when to escalate.
  • Build a plan for measuring your service improvement success over the coming weeks.

Fri., Nov 21
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Room: 1522

Fee: $54


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Michelle Waters- see bio below

Creating a Service Culture

Also enroll in our 60-minute webinar for Managers! Spend just 60 minutes to get the critical information you need to put your new customer service skills to work!

As a manager in a service industry, you want more than employees who can repeat customer service slogans and parrot actions like smiling and reading the customer’s name. You want a work- force that understands the importance of service and the impact that it makes on your bottom line. Besides, employees who are committed to the value of service will be better at their jobs and more satisfied overall. You will:

  • Understand the basic tenets of exceptional service.
  • Discuss the importance of organizational values and how they influence a culture.
  • Learn 3 ways to support a service-centered culture.
  • Build an action plan for helping your employees translate their new service skills into action at work.

Participants will receive webinar log-in information upon registration.

Mon., October 20
10:30 - 11:30 am

Fee: $29


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Michelle Waters is a senior trainer for Cabrillo Corporate Training, and we refer to her fondly as “the Queen of Customer Service!” She infuses each training with expertise and enthusiasm and has taught hundreds of clients how to deliver quality customer service and work effectively in teams.




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