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Drones are one of the fastest growing fields in technology, science, research, photography and recreation. There is even an ESPN Drone Racing League! After the the FAA’s 2016 adoption of regulations, combined with the drop in price, drones are an economically viable option for a broad range of artistic, recreational and commercial functions. Drones offer a literal perspective on the world that many have never been able to see.

In these all-new workshops Cabrillo faculty Payson McNett and Professional Freestyle Pilot Zoe Strumbaugh join forces in the Cabrillo Fab Lab to offer 4 workshops that range from introductory to advanced racing. Check out thier bios and web sites below!

ABC's of Drones

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New to the world of drones? Curious about what all the buzz is about? This workshop will get you familiar with all things flying machina! We’ll cover aerial photography, laws regarding flying, “FPV” (first person view), and managing video frequencies in the fast paced world of drone racing.

There will be time for basic discussion about this extremely diverse field, demonstrations,  real world examples, simulator practice, and fun hands on demos.

Materials fee includes Lift Off Simulator.

Sun., Sept. 3
9 am - 4 pm
Room: VAPA3004
Fee: $68
Plus $20 materials fee payable at registration

register online

Zoe Stumbaugh and Payson McNett- see bios below__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Build. Fly. Crash. Repeat.

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Ready to get into the exciting world of drone racing? New to the idea of flying and don’t know where to begin? With this class you’ll learn the basics of building a Micro First Person View Racing Drone. You’ll learn how to fly your new copter, with a full crash course on flying and racing your machine. By the end of this workshop you’ll know what it’s like to experience the true freedom of flight and flying first person view!

The “Tiny Whoop” Drone Kit is a part of the materials fee, this is a standardized kit that will be used by everyone in the class. Please see Extension’s Class Resources web site for a list of other required items. This workshop will prepare you for the next step in Drone Racing and beyond!

Tue., Thurs, & Sun., Sept. 12, 14 & 17
Tues. 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Room Hort5010
Thurs. 6:30 - 9:30 pm, Room Hort5010
Sun. 9:00am - 4:00 pm
, Room VAPA3004
Click HERE for an interactive map of campus
Register by Sept. 11: $195
Register after Sept. 11: $210
Plus $80 materials fee payable at registration

register online


Zoe Stumbaugh and Payson McNett- see bios below


Hover. Fly. Race - First Person View Flying

drone 4

Do you have a racing drone and are looking to get the most out of it? New to the world of flying FPV? Looking to get an edge with your flying? With this class you’ll go from hovering your aircraft, to learning to fly with goggles, and finally getting to race-pace on the course.

Not everyone is the next Shaun ‘Nytfury’ Taylor, but with some practice you’ll be flying free and ripping up the course!

For this workshop students are required to bring their own drone, goggles, and transmitter. We’ll help you get your gear working during orientation, but if you are completely new and unfamiliar please take the ABC’s of Drones workshop prior to taking this workshop.

Please see Extension’s Class Resources web page for important information about what to wear, what to bring, including map and directions to Chris' studio, and other details to make your day enjoyable!

Tue., Thurs, & Sun., Sept. 19, 21 & 24 CLASS CANCELLED
Click HERE for an interactive map of campus
Register by Sept. 11: $195
Register after Sept. 11: $210
Plus $20 materials fee payable at registration


register online


Aerial Photography 101 - Capturing the Shot

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Aerial Photography is one of the largest growing sectors of the drone market. Never before have we had the power to get the shot, anywhere, from any angle; with so much creative freedom it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of aerial photography.

This class teaches you the basic concepts that can be applied to any aerial shoot. Don’t rely on the machine to get the shot for you, harness the power of the world's best camera platform and learn to capture stunning shots for yourself!

This class assumes that you already own a DJI, GoPro, or Yuneec branded drone of your own to fly. Aerial platforms will not be provided. If you are completely new and unfamiliar with drones please take the ABC’s of Drones workshop prior to this workshop!

Coming Soon!

register online

Zoe Stumbaugh and Payson McNett- see bios below



Zoe Stumbaugh is known in the drone world for her expert level flying abilities and for competing at high level drone competitions. She is a contributing writer for Drone 360 Magazine, and is one of the few Professional Freestyle Pilots in the US, flying on Team AirVuz which is comprised of some of the best drone pilots in the world. When not flying Zoe is working on her drones and developing new parts- working alongside equipment manufactures to create new products. Santa Cruz local and Cabrillo alumni, she is now back to teach and share her passion for drones with the community. To learn more about Zoe please go to her Youtube channel at

Payson McNett, MFA, Cabrillo Studio Art Faculty, and Cabrillo alumni, has had solo, juried, and invitational exhibitions in several states. He has worked extensively in a wide range of media including: metal fabrication, ceramics, mold making, screen printing, woodworking, as well as silver, bronze, aluminum and iron casting. Payson has built a fully equipped fab lab at Cabrillo, and has created all-new digital fabrication courses now offered at Cabrillo. For more information about Payson and Cabrillo Fab Lab, check out his web page

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