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Employment Opportunities

Contract Education

Cabrillo College's Contract Education Program delivers cutting edge training programs for local and regional businesses. If you are a subject matter expert with experience training in a business setting, and you are interested in working on a contract basis, please let us know. You can submit your resume, cover letter and a sample of your teaching materials directly to

Once your resume has been reviewed, you may be asked to participate in a telephone or in-person interview followed by a teaching demonstration. If approved, you will become an eligible member of our instructor pool and offered contract positions on an as-needed basis.

Though we do much of our business delivering soft-skills training programs, a wide variety of subject matter experts are encouraged to apply. 

Currently, we are seeking instructors with the following specialties:

  • Vocational English as a Second Language
  • Continuous Process Improvement and LEAN principles
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supervisory and Soft-Skills
  • Industrial Technologies (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Technology instructors:
    Specifically seeking those who can teach virtual collaboration systems, Mac device classes (iphone, ipad) and home networking systems

Subject Matter expertise, as proven by at least 5 years experience working in a given field. 
Master's degree and at least 4 years college level teaching experience preferred.

Required Professional Expertise:
  1. Knowledge of and commitment to training strategies and methods which support skill development, transfer of learning and the attainment of measurable results in business environments.
  2. Highly effective oral and written communication skills.
  3. The ability to interface professionally in business environments, and be an ambassador for Cabrillo College and our diverse programs and offerings.
  4. Demonstrated ability to teach the courses or perform the duties effectively as described above (teaching demonstration will be part of the interview).
  5. Ability to communicate well with trainees from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds, including trainees with disabilities.
  6. Ability to work cooperatively with other training team members and participate in team initiatives and team meetings.

You can learn more about Cabrillo's Contract Education program here:


Cabrillo Extension

The Cabrillo Extension program is always looking for new ideas and classes. If you are interested in teaching a specific class for our program, and have professional and/or teaching experience in your field, we would be interested in reviewing your proposal for future consideration. The broad areas that we look at are content, instructor qualifications and marketability. The first step in our review process is for you to submit a New Class Proposal Form either by fax, e-mail attachment, or by regular mail. The proposal form can be downloaded in several formats using the links below.

We are currently seeking instructors with the following specialties:

  • Visual or Performing Arts
  • Professional Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supervisory and Soft-Skills
  • Industrial Technologies (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Technology: Cloud systems, SQL, Mac device classes (iphone, ipad)
  • Kids Programs - summer camps, after school programming, music, art, and educational activities

The Extension program currently produces 3 brochures per year and we begin our planning a number of months prior to each publication. Generally speaking, if you submit your proposal now your class may be included in the program approximately six months from now. Please follow this link to submit an Instructor Interest Statement, or you may use the Extension proposal form provided below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Cabrillo College
Cabrillo Extension - Attn: Scott Johnson
6500 Soquel Drive
Aptos CA 95003
Phone: 831.479.6331
Fax: 831.477.5239

Download Extension class proposal form (pdf format) Print out this form, fill it out and fax, or mail it to our office.

Download Extension class proposal form (MS Word format) This form can be completed using MS Word and e-mailed to us as an attachment, or print it out and fax, or mail it to our office



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