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Facilities Rental Guidelines

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Before submitting Facilities Rental Application, it is strongly recommended that you read all policies and guidelines pertaining to facility rentals. The following information will be helpful to you in planning your programs at our facilities. Please take a moment to read and carefully review the Facility Use Policy and Procedures PDF.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Facilities Use and Events Coordinator at (831) 479-6332.

Cabrillo College facilities are available for community use when such use does not conflict with Cabrillo College programs and operations.

Priorities for Use of Facilities

Pursuant to Cabrillo College Board Policy 6700, the following provisions have been established to provide maximum use of college facilities with minimal potential for conflict.

  1. First priority for use is reserved for the college instructional programs and other related college activities.

  2. Second priority should be given to public agencies, schools and colleges when the purpose is educational.

  3. Third priority shall be assigned to the following district groups: youth groups, civic and service groups, and other groups organized for cultural, educational, or recreational activities.

  4. In-district organizations have priority over those from outside the district.

  5. Priorities shall be maintained in such a way that no group monopolizes the facility or for the benefit of any person or organization.

  6. Groups that are defined as private or commercial groups (not classified as non-profit) receive lowest priority when requesting facility use.

Once the college has approved a request for use and enters into a Facility Use Contract with the facility user to provide facilities, equipment and/or services, and that request has priority over any other requests except when a need of the property for college purposes has subsequently developed, or in an emergency.

Download the Facility Use Policy and Procedures

Download the Horticulture Center Guidelines and Special Conditions

Download the Facilities Rental Application




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