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Cabrillo Extension Classes
Green, Home and Garden

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To assist homeowners and conservation minded residents
an innovative partnership has been formed!

have partnered to offer a series of workshops about water conservation strategies for your home.

Discounts may be available to customers of these water districtsfor for the following classes:

            • The A to Z of Rainwater Harvesting Systems
            • Graywater: Laundry to Landscape Irrigation Systems
            • Keeping Your Garden Alive through the Drought
            • Replace Your Lawn
            • Hardscapes: Pervious Patios and Pathways

A limited number of discounts for these classes are available for customers of
City of Watsonville Public Works and Utilites, Soquel Creek Water District.


Step 1. Use the numbers below to call your water district and ask which classes they offer scholarships for, and if you can be added to the list for this discount.

  • Soquel Creek Water District: 831-475-8501 x.142
  • City of Watsonville Public Works and Utilites: 831-768-3103

Step 2. Call the Cabrillo Extension office at 479-6331 and register over the phone. Let the Extension staff member know you would like the Water District Discount!




Graywater: Laundry to Landscape Irrigation System

This class gives participants information on repurposing water which was previously considered waste water and can now be redirected for landscape and garden irrigation. Participants will learn about current plumbing code standards, gray water compliant products, irrigation techniques, system design, installation, materials and tools required to complete their own residential system.


Sat., Nov. 1
10 am - 3 pm

Room 711
Register by Sept. 8: $78
Register after Sept. 8: $85

Discounts available, see above for details.


register online

Jim Heaney has been employed at the County of Santa Cruz Planning Department for the past 14 years as a Building Plans Examiner and a Building Inspector.  In addition, Jim is part time faculty at Cabrillo College, where he has been teaching the Commercial and Residential Building Codes, the Uniform Plumbing and Mechanical Codes over the last 12 years.  He is also a volunteer consultant for the Central Coast Greywater Alliance.



Keeping Your Garden Alive During the Drought

This interactive workshop will provide an overview of how to reduce your landscape water consumption. Topics will include low summer water use plants, alternative water sources such as graywater and rainwater, and local DIY resources to make your garden thrive during the drought. Participants are encouraged to bring photos, plans or drawings of the own gardens, ask questions and participate in discussion. The class will visit a few local gardens for inspiration and hands on learning in the afternoon.

Sat.,Feb 21, 2015
9 am - 3 pm
Room 711
Register by Sept. 8: $78
Register after Sept. 8: $85


register online

Golden Love is a horticulturalist, certified arborist, licensed landscape contractor and lifelong avid gardener who has worked in sustainable landscaping for nearly 30 years. He specializes in local landscapes that are “water neutral” and is an expert on rain harvesting and greywater systems.


Replace Your Lawn

If maintaining your lawn has gotten to be too much— too much water, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides, too much time, too much mowing, or just plain too much bother—then you’ll want to take this class! Learn to use alternative grasses and grass like plants to create beautiful ‘lawns’ that are low care and water-conserving. In this one-day class, you will be guided, step-by-step, through the entire lawn-replacement process: from initial considerations of cost and difficulty, through selecting the right plants for your site, to soil preparation and planting, and finally, to the required maintenance.

Sat., October 18 CLASS CANCELLED
10 am - 3 pm
Room 711
Register by Sept. 8: $78
Register after Sept. 8: $85


Bobby Markowitz is a licensed landscape architect specializing in rainwater harvesting design. His passion about rainwater harvesting has come out of his 30 years experience in landscaping, from his own organic garden and concern for the environment.


Organic Vegetable Gardening

Would you like to grow organic vegetables successfully year-round? Learn to plan a vegetable garden, prepare your soil using compost and organic amendments, plan irrigation, plant appropriate vegetables for summer and winter gardens and manage pests in an environmentally friendly way. Start your vegetable garden now and be eating the fruits of your labor in just a few months!

2 Sun., Oct. 26 & Nov. 2
1 - 4 pm
Room 711
Register by Sept. 8: $78
Register after Sept. 8: $85


register online

Ken Foster has a certificate in Ecological Horticulture from UC Santa Cruz and was an apprentice at the UCSC Farm and Garden. He is a landscape contractor, a certified permaculture designer and the owner of Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping.


Build Your Dream House

Times have changed. It's more difficult to buy a house and in many parts of the country house prices are still too high. There is another way. You can build your own house and be mortgage free in just a few years without the worries about losing your house to foreclosure.

This 3-hour class will steer you in the right direction to building your own house for the least amount of money. Learn how to: buy land at county tax sales; buy materials for next to nothing and build it green, too; design your house for ease of construction; live on your property rent free while you build; use unconventional financing; and get the best help for the least cost.

Sat., October 11
10am - 1 pm
Room 431

Register by Sept. 8: $50
Register after Sept 8: $58

plus $20 text payable at class


register online

David Cook, author of Build Your Dream House for a Song, is a former salesman and restaurant owner. He'd barely picked up a hammer before starting work on his dream house in Marin County.


Foreclosures: Less Risk, More Rewards

Many people want to buy residential properties in foreclosure at substantial discounts but don’t know how to uncover title or debt to establish equity. Warren has taught hundreds of people over 20 years how to make such purchases with minimal risk and cash.

This three-hour workshop illustrates the four-part foreclosure process with handouts and emphasizes how to buy the best discounted properties at trustees’ sales. This can be a rewarding investment of your time and money. Topics include:

  • The complete foreclosure process
  • How to uncover the best discounted property
  • Risks and rewards of purchasing property
  • How to step through the total research process to establish actual equity through governmental support available in all California counties.

Sat., Sept 27
10 am - 1 pm
Room: 435
Register by June 9: $48
Register after June 9: $54


register online

Warren Racine has been a licensed real estate agent/ broker for over 40 years. He has taught thousands of people how to uncover title and debt to establish equity in residential properties in foreclosure. He has been teaching his workshops throughout california for over 30 years.




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