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Healthcare Classes

Health Coaching for Medical Assistants


If you are a medical assistant, a health educator, or a lifestyle coach, you are a critical member of our healthcare system, and an integral part of a patient’s experience. You are also partially responsible for increasing the impact of each and every patient visit. This may mean that you need to help the patient prioritize their health care issues before seeing their provider, or work with the patient to help them understand their options or treatment plan. Your ability to meaningfully coach a patient will be key to your success. This unique skill set is referred to as “Health Coaching.”

If you’d like to learn this critical skill, and make yourself much more valuable to the patients you serve and to your employer, join us for this dynamic 3-day training.

In this course, you will be trained to use a coaching format based on a model developed by the experts at the Center for Excellence in Primary Care at UCSF. This model will help you interact with patients and help them take charge of their own health needs, and you will come away with greatly improved skills and confidence. You will:

  • Learn the importance of health coaching- both for the patient and for the success of the medical practice.
  • Learn the importance of health coaching for the patient and for the success of the medical practice.
  • Learn and practice the Ask-Tell-Ask model of collaborative coaching
  • Use role-play scenarios to practice to coach a patient around understanding key health indicators.
  • Practice “Closing the Loop” with patients to ensure understanding
  • And much more!

Program Details:
This training is offered one day a month for 3-consecutive months. It is designed to allow participants time to return to work and practice their skills in between sessions.

3 Sat., April 16, May 21 & June 18 - CANCELLED
9 am - 4 pm
Room: HW 2214

Register by Feb. 29: $545
Register after Feb. 29: $595
plus a $50 material fee payable at registration


Pam Sanborn, MA, has worked in healthcare for over 25 years and has been teaching medical assisting courses at Cabrillo College since 2003, where she is the Medical Assisting Department Chair. She has been training medical assistants to become health coaches since 2013.

Laurie Colombani received her Certification as a Health Coach from UCSF and is currently a full-time Medical Assisting Instructor and Clinical Coordinator at Cabrillo College. Students appreciate Laurie’s passion, engaging high-energy style, sense of humor, and her focus on student success.


Medicare Choices – Finding What’s Best For You

Have you wondered, "What is Medicare and how does it work?" Are you nearing the age of 65 and soon to be on Medicare? This class is designed to help you! Insurance plans and options are changing yearly. This workshop provides information you need to become a more informed consumer. We will cover what Medicare is and how the program is overseen, review the profile of most Medicare customers, discuss coverage options offered to Medicare customers, define Medicare Star Ratings and the different types of Medicare plans, review Medicare prescription drug coverage, election periods, and the enrollment/dis-enrollment process. This user-friendly half-day workshop will change the way you understand Medicare and help you become a “Savvy Senior” for a lifetime!

Representatives from Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Physician's Medical Group, who represent 95% of the physicians in Santa Cruz, will be present to answer students’ questions about how Medicare plans affect patients’ healthcare options.

10 am - 1 pm
Room: 609

Register by Feb. 29: $48
Register after Feb. 29: $55


register online

Lou Tuosto is a Personal Financial Planner and insurance broker that has been offering workshops for Santa Cruz county seniors for over 20 years. He holds a certificate in Personal Financial Planning.


Chi Aura Integration - Level I

Chi-Aura Integration is a complementary alternative healing method using the vital life force. Chi-Aura is a set of skills used to read the health of the body and facilitate healing and balance. This method can be used by individuals for self-healing or by the practitioner in relationship with their patients. By learning how to relax into a state of mind that is able to "read" the energy field of the body and to work hands-on with the out -of-balance conditions which lead to illness, the nurse to patient relationship can be greatly enhanced by incorporating these skills.

This 2-day workshop will teach techniques that will elicit the relaxation response and help develop the "Awakened Mind State". You will learn to perform the specific Chi-Aura Integration hand positions learning specific acupoints, energy centers and parts of the body to release muscle tension and induce the relaxation response to promote healing. Chi-Aura Integration is relevant to nursing because it develops the nurse's ability to improve their effectiveness in treating clients.

This course is approved for 18 CEU's for Nurses, 14 CEU's for massage therapists, and 15 CEH's for acupuncturists. A free downloadable manual is available to registered students before class.

Sat. & Sun., April 9 & 10
9 am - 5:30 pm
Room 406

Register by Feb. 29: $145
Register after Feb. 29: $158
includes manual

Click here for Chi Aura Intergration Student Information


register online

Timothy Dunphy has taught Chi-Aura Integration for over 22 years in the US and Europe, enhancing participant's personal growth and their therapeutic relationship to others.


end of life image

Estate Life Planning for Families

In this series of classes, family members will get help with navigating the fiduciary, legal, health care and communication challenges that families face. What is a trustee and why do you need one? Are you choosing a trustee? Will you be a trustee? Want the best for your family? Not sure where to start?

Join us to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and set the stage for success. Prepare yourself with a basic understanding of how communication, the law, finance, healthcare and other services can support your family needs.

Learn how to create the dream team for Mom and Dad’s care and then continue as a healthy family group through estate distribution. (This doesn’t happen by accident)

Follow this link for class dates and full descriptions: Estate & Life Planning for Families


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