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music and dance
Cabrillo Extension Classes

Sitting with Mary Poppins, Macbeth, Modern Music and More!

Explore the Summer 2015 Santa Cruz Festival Performances


Explore the diverse stories and scores of this summer's festival line up at Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music and Cabrillo Stage. Enjoy guest speakers, presentations, discussions and view videos. The lively dialog and in depth experience will offer students the opportunity to enjoy the performances at this summers festival in a deeper and more enjoyable way than ever before. The content of each class is scheduled so students may attend the performances soon after the class meeting that covers each festival line up.

6 Wed., June 17 - July 22
6:30 - 9 pm
Room: VAPA 5137
Register by June 8: $180
Register after June 8: $195

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Phil Collins, MFA, is co-founder and Artistic Director of New Music Works in Santa Cruz and is a Cabrillo College Music instructor. He is also a composer, conductor, and performing musician. His orchestral and chamber works have been played throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has also composed and conducted for numerous theatre companies and colleges including, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Western Stage, Mount Madonna Players, UC Santa Cruz, and Cabrillo.


Music Performance Workshop

Wondering what this class is about? Check out this video!
Video clip class summary: Music Performance Workshop

Join local musicians Ann Whittington and Jeffery Luhn for a 3-session Performance Workshop designed to help aspiring entertainers take their first steps toward the limelight.

No matter what your talent, or your level of expertise, this friendly workshop surrounds you with like-minded and supportive folks with a desire to become entertainers. Vocalists and instrumentalists will be placed into casual groups and given gentle guidance. Spoken word performers will be tutored on diction and ethos. Spoon tappers and saw players will work on their grooves. Instrumentalists will supply the musical glue that holds the group together.

The only prerequisite for this course is your desire to get confident enough to step up and appear on stage in front of a live audience. We’ll help you do that!

Session 1: Ann and Jeffery perform a couple of songs. All members discuss their goals. We’ll evaluate member skills and place each person into an ensemble. Singers are tutored on how to find their vocal range and know what key they’re suited for. Music charts are prepared for members to rehearse. Solo performers are evaluated and given suggestions.

Session 2: Solo performers break the ice with a short performance and critique by instructors and members. Ensembles make their first appearance on stage in casual performance.

Session 3: The final session is all performance. We all take turns performing, accepting brief comments and suggestions, and encouraging our fellows. For many, this will mark the first time they have performed for a group. For others, this will be another step in the never-ending road to music exploration!

What to bring to class:
A recording of the songs you want to perform. (Your MP3 player can be plugged into our PA system.) Bring 3 copies of sheet music if you have it.
Instrumentalists: Your instrument and charts. You can plug into our system. A piano will be provided.

3 Tues., July 14 - 28
7:00 - 9:30 pm
Room: VAPA 5137
Register by June 8: $110
Register after June 8: $125


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Jeffery Luhn played guitar in garage bands as a kid, busked on the streets of Paris, Athens, Copenhagen, etc, and earned a degree in music at Chabot College. He has scored numerous television commercials, video game sound tracks, and performs regularly with jazz ensembles in the Santa Cruz area. He co-founded the Santa Cruz Jazz Society and was a founding member of Hot Club Pacific gypsy swing ensemble and Hipsters on Parade.

Ann Whittington is the most well known female jazz vocalist in the Santa Cruz area. She is a first-call performer for many local ensembles, an active songwriter and founder of the band Caravan. Ann ran the music performance workshop at Kuumbwa Jazz Center and continues to mentor other performers. She appears on two of her own CDs and is featured on many others.  Ann and Jeffery have been performing together for 17 years.


Beginning Social Ballroom Dance

Come join the fun in this introductory dance class where you will learn the basic skills for following and leading in selected ballroom dance styles which include: Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Two Step, Argentine Tango, Hustle and other popular ballroom dances.

Ballroom dance offers the unique opportunity to grow as a human being and dancer. You will learn to be confident dancing with one another in any social setting. It's a whole new way to learn to be able to express yourselves with others. Dancing brings people together in a very wonderful community.

No previous dance experience necessary. Couples may register at a discounted rate.

6 Mon., June 22 - July 27
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Room 1117 (Dance Studio)
$98 per person
$182 per couple


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Amy Farhood is a graduate of Mills College in dance and an award-winning ballroom dancer and choreographer. She has been teaching ballroom dance for 20 years.


Zumba Fitness 101

Get the steps, get the groove and get to the best layer of yourself: Get fit!

Enjoy Latin and international, rhythm to your own pace, get the breakdown of the steps and essence behind each genre while gaining confidence to become an expert by experiencing the benefits of Zumba. Become inspired! 12.5 million of people in the world are doing Zumba and getting their fitness goals incorporating Zumba as a viable way to get results. Become one of them, you will feel more energized, younger and happier after each class!

Each week the instructor will do 30 minutes of Regular Zumba class and 30 minutes of other combined Zumba program such as: Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold among others. Each week the choreos progress and the body is challenged progressively to a higher level. Come have a blast and get fit with Zumba Life!

These class sessions welcome students of all fitness levels.

No prior Zumba experience is needed and it can also be alternated with other Zumba classes.

6 Tue., July 7 - August 11
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Room: 1117 (Dance Studio)

Register by June 8: $60
Register after June 8: $65



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Natalia Córdoba-Velásquez has been teaching Zumba in its different formats for 6 years but has been dancing to Zumba rhythms since her childhood. She loves to teach, deepen her understanding of the Zumba world, and help her students feel more confident.


Acoustic Rhythm Guitar-Level 1

Learn to play the acoustic guitar in a supportive group environment—no musical experience required!

We’ll learn basic chords, how to strum, and even do some melody-picking, using easy-to-learn folk songs from the American roots music tradition. The concepts and techniques taught will provide the musical foundation needed to play songs by ear and with other people.

Students must bring their own acoustic guitar to class. Written materials and audio CD will be provided.

5 Thu., July 23 - August 20
7:45 - 8:45 pm
Room: VAPA 5137

Register by June 8: $85
Register after June 8: $98


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Luke Abbott - See bio below


Acoustic Rhythm Guitar-Level 2

This class goes a bit deeper than Level 1, for folks who already know basic open chords (G, D, C, A, F) and can strum simple songs up to speed. We’ll work on playing melodies by ear, fancier strumming, bass runs, using the capo, and more. The folk/country/bluegrass repertoire and style taught will provide a solid foundation for playing alone and with others.

Students must bring their own acoustic guitar to class.

5 Thu., July 23 - August 20
7:45 - 8:45 pm
Room: VAPA 5137

Register by June 8: $85
Register after June 8: $98


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Luke Abbott has been teaching and performing guitar (and other instruments) for over ten years. His family’s ToneWay Music Method has helped thousands of people all over the world to play music fluently.


Healthy Harmonica


Breathing is our foundation when playing the harmonica. We will take the simplest of pop, folk, and blues melodies and invigorate them with simple, but powerful, techniques to make any song deeply expressive. No previous ability to read or play music--only a desire to have fun and feel more alive!

Students will need a “C” major diatonic harmonica. Instructor will have them available in class for $12 if you don’t have one.”

Wed., July 29
6 - 7:30 pm
Room 514
Register by June 8: $30
Register after June 8: $35
plus $15 for course materials payable to instructor at class


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Dave Broida - see bio below


Beginning Blues Harmonica

Beginning Blues Harmonica will get you jammin' the blues immediately! Emphasis in this class will be on playing and having fun as you are introduced to many of the tricks and techniques to make the harmonica cry, laugh, wail and scream. No previous musical experience or harmonica training is required--only a love of the blues and the desire to play the harmonica!

Students will need a "C" major diatonic harmonica. Instructor will have them available in class for $12 if you don't have one.

Wed., July 29
7:45 - 9:30 pm
Room 514
Register by June 8: $45
Register after June 8: $52
plus $15 for course materials payable to instructor at class


register online

Dave Broida has been teaching and performing for 20 years. He plays professionally throughout northern California and teaches throughout the state.



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