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Contact Information

Grants Development Director:
Carrie Mulcaire 831.477.3566
Grants Analyst:
Doreen O'Donovan 831.477.6481
Admin Assistant:
Buff McKinley 831.477.5577
Location: 2550 Building,
lower campus

GraduatesScience Students

Grant Manual

The Grant Approval Flowchart outlines the various phases of the grant development process - from initiation of a grant project idea to project development to submitting the grant proposal. These processes assure that grant approvals have been obtained and fiscal implications for the college have been addressed. For more information on the grant approval process, visit here.

The Checklist for the Grant Submission Process at Cabrillo College is designed to provide guidance on successfully preparing and submitting a proposal for government grants. It is important to collaborate early on with the Grants Office (GO) and with impacted components of the college in order to meet guidelines and requirements from the funder. Grant approvals outlined here are designed to assure that grant-funded projects pursued by the college are appropriate to the college’s mission and strategic plan.

The Grant Project Startup Checklist is designed to provide guidance on the process of successfully starting up a new grant project at the Cabrillo Campus.  

The Grants Office is in the process of developing additional processes and resources for implementation and close-out phases of a grant. 

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