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Ideal Leadership Attributes

Cabrillo College is seeking a person who –

  • has a commitment to increasing diversity and fostering inclusion in the student, faculty, and staff population including differences in cultural, socio-economic, age, gender, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and disability status;
  • has a vision that encompasses the changing role of the California community colleges in the 21st century and the ability to inspire others with that vision;
  • has a history of valuing student leadership development, student government, a student-friendly atmosphere, a broad array of extracurricular activities, and a student-centered district;
  • has a commitment to academic freedom and excellence in the learning and teaching process, while placing the highest priority on student access, retention, and success;
  • has knowledge of California and federal laws and regulations governing community colleges;
  • has the ability to establish and maintain a constructive working relationship with the Board of Trustees;
  • demonstrates a commitment to innovative approaches to classroom instruction, new methods of instructional delivery, and technological changes;
  • is fair, ethical and accessible, and who will be a champion of participatory governance;
  • demonstrates respect, honesty, integrity, trust, confidence, compassion and has the ability to inspire these qualities in others;
  • has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills that include respectful listening and the encouragement of diverse opinions as well as the ability to mediate conflict and build consensus and unity among various constituencies;
  • has a tolerance for ambiguity, can function under stress, displays an even temperament, has a sense of humor and is willing to take unpopular positions when necessary;
  • has faculty experience and/or support for the roles of faculty, instruction, and student services in higher education;
  • is able to balance institution goals in the efficient use of resources;
  • has knowledge of and leadership in fiscal management, strategic planning, human resources development, collective bargaining, curriculum and instruction, enrollment management, student services, and facilities management;
  • has successful fundraising experience with an educational institution and is comfortable engaging with the community;
  • has experience partnering with local school districts and local government, business, and civic organizations in support of educational initiatives;
  • demonstrates a willingness to embrace the cultural and equity values of Cabrillo College;
  • has a demonstrated record of offering student services and/or providing advocacy for academically and economically challenged and historically underrepresented populations resulting in improved student access and success;
  • is familiar with accreditation standards, integrated planning, effectiveness review cycles and automated tracking of student learning outcomes.


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