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Strengths & Challenges

Strengths of Cabrillo College

  • Cabrillo College has a 58-year history of stable, forward thinking, creative administrative and board leadership.
  • The College has outstanding faculty, staff and administrators committed to the California Guided Pathways Project to provide students with clear, educationally coherent program maps for completion.
  • The College has excellent, nationally recognized CTE and transfer/general education programs that are responsive to community and student needs.
  • The College has an integrated approach to effective and responsive student support services.
  • College faculty, staff, students and administrators work together through a model collegial system of participatory governance for the good of the College.
  • The College is located in a beautiful area, rich in resources – education, agriculture, technology, and human resources.
  • The College has positive working relationships and strong support within Santa Cruz County and the surrounding communities, resulting in many active, successful partnerships with business, education, government and other agencies and contributing to the economic development of the area.
  • With widespread community support, the Cabrillo College Foundation directs $2M-$3M to the College annually to support scholarships, programs and departments.
  • The College has a commitment to hiring practices and procedures that support a diverse faculty, staff and administration, reflecting the diverse student population and community served.
  • The College is financially sound and has a long history of strong financial management.

Challenges for the Next Cabrillo College President Include:

  • Leading the effort to embrace and institutionalize Guided Pathways throughout the College structure.
  • Supporting the College in institutional planning as it relates to Basic Skills, Equity and Student Success.
  • Continuing infrastructure planning for the Aptos campus and the educational center in Watsonville.
  • Developing and seeking new sources of funding to support College facilities and programs, including promoting and running a bond campaign.
  • Providing the appropriate level of programs and services across the County, as funding allows.
  • Supporting open access for and providing advocacy for academically and economically challenged and historically under-represented student populations, given Cabrillo's status as a Federally-designated Hispanic Serving Institution.
  • Continuing to attract a diverse and qualified faculty and staff in a period of change, increasing cost of living, and employee retirements.
  • Supporting the faculty and staff of the College in creating and developing new instructional and service models for a Guided Pathways college.
  • Providing for the ongoing leadership of the College in direct relation to the support of the College’s mission, vision and values.
  • Promoting and supporting environmental sustainability.
  • To the extent possible, supporting the integration of successful, new grant-funded instructional and student success initiatives into general fund programs and services offered by the College.
  • Leading the College in the implementation of the Student Success and Equity Initiatives and other policy changes mandated by the state, federal or local government.
  • Continuing to explore and develop enrollment opportunities for growth.
  • Working with the local community to establish partnerships that enhance the College’s ability to serve students and build upon the long history of community support the College has enjoyed.
  • Supporting Cabrillo's Core 4 principles of Communication, Critical Thinking and Information Competency, Global Awareness, and Personal Responsibility and Professional Development as institutional models.


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