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Student Employment Handbook

The information on this page is under review and revision during 2015/2016. If you don't see the topic you want, please contact Student Employment.


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Cabrillo Community College does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, sex, race, color, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation in any of its policies, procedures, or practices. This nondiscrimination policy covers admission and access to, and treatment and employment in, the college's programs and activities, including vocational education. Limited English language skills will not be a barrier to admission to and participation in vocational education programs.

See the Non-Discrimination Policy here:

To request more information about equal opportunity polices and the filing of grievances, contact:

Victoria Lewis, ADA Coordinator 479-6406
Beth McKinnon, Section 504 Officer 479-6394
Diane Goody, Asst. Director of Human Resources 479-6261
Michelle Donohue, Dean of Students 479-6525

All of the above can be reached at: 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003.

The college recognizes its obligation to provide overall program accessibility for students with disabilities. Contact the Section 504 Coordinator to obtain information as to the existence and location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

Inquiries regarding federal laws and regulations concerning nondiscrimination in education or the college's compliance with these provisions may also be directed to:

Office for Civil Rights, Region IX

U.S. Department of Education
Old Federal Building
50 United Nations Plaza , Room 239
San Francisco , CA 94102
(415) 437-7700


It is the policy of the Cabrillo Community College District to provide an educational, employment and business environment free of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct or communications constituting sexual harassment, as defined and otherwise prohibited by state and federal statutes.

For additional information regarding this policy and the procedures involved, contact the Human Resources Department or Dean of Students.


It is the policy of the Cabrillo Community College District to maintain a campus free of the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of controlled substances as listed in Section I-V of Section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 USC Section 812), which includes, but is not limited to, substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and alcohol.


Smoking is prohibited at Cabrillo College except for designated parking lots.


If your work period is four hours or longer, you are entitled to a paid 15-minute break. An unpaid ½ hour - one hour lunch break can be arranged with your supervisor if your work shift is four hours or more.


An employee of the District is prohibited from volunteering to perform services which are the same type of services that he/she is paid by the District to perform (Fair Labor Standards Act).


You have the right to clear instructions, a safe work environment, and all necessary equipment and materials to perform the required work. Your supervisor or their official designee should be available to you on campus at all times when you are working. Student employees are not issued keys and do not have the authority to open or close facilities.

If you have questions about your rights as an employee, please contact the appropriate party as listed, or the Student Employment office.


You have the right to a safe work environment. It is your responsibility to read all available safety literature and to perform the duties of your job in a safe manner. All college employees are required to complete a safety training every two years. Proof of completion must be submitted to the Student Employment Office for each student employee.

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Term of Assignment

Student employees and work-study students must not work more than 19½ hours a week and not more than 8 hours a day. Student employees may not work more than 5 days, Monday through Sunday.. Work-study students and any student receiving partial work-study funding must stop working the last day of Spring Semester. No work assignment will extend beyond June 30th. Earlier ending dates may be indicated. Hiring paperwork must be completed for each academic year, and for each new work assignment. New hiring paperwork must be completed for any assignment as of July 1 st each year.

Employment Paperwork

Employment papers, which include a temporary-hourly hiring form, I-9, W-4 form, a criminal history inquiry form and an emergency notification form, must be completed. A temporary-hourly form is also required to shift student assistants from department funded to FWS or CalWORKS funding. Any hours worked by FWS or CalWORKS students prior to the date they are authorized to begin employment will be billed back to the hiring department. All required I-9 employment verifications must be completed with the Student Employment office or you cannot start to work or be processed for payroll.

Time Cards

Currently, time cards should remain on file at the work station until submitted to the Payroll Office. We strongly suggest that you keep your time card in an area easily accessible to your supervisor so that it can be processed for payroll if you are not scheduled to work on the day it is due. Remember that you must sign it and indicate the correct budget number and pay rate for it to be processed. FWS and CalWORKS time cards must be first submitted to the Financial Aid Office, and then to Payroll for processing at the end of the pay period.

Print clearly on each time card.

The Division or Department for whom you work is responsible for sending completed time cards to the Payroll Office or the Financial Aid Office for processing, on or before the closing date each month (usually the 20th). Time cards received after the closing date will not be processed until the following month.

If you have multiple work assignments in different departments, you must complete a separate time card for each department. Total combined hours must be less than 8 hours a day and 19 1/2 hours a week.


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  • During school breaks, when classes are not in session, special authorization may be received from your supervisor to work more than 19 1/2 hours a week if there is a departmental need and:
  • It is not during Fall or Spring Semesters (except during Spring break); and
  • If hours in excess if 19 1/2 a week are to be worked during Summer session or Winter session, the student employee is not enrolled in that session; and
  • The student employee is pre-enrolled for the next full term in at least 6 units; and
  • The supervisor initials the time card for each week during the pay period that the student works more than the 19 1/2 hour weekly limit.

This authorization does not authorize overtime, or allow for work over 8 hours a day, more than 5 days a week Monday through Sunday, or more than 30 hours a week.


Checks are issued by the College Bank (inside the Administration Building) on the 10th of the month, following the time card submission date. If the 10th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, checks are usually available on the last working day prior to the 10th of the month.

You need to present proper picture identification in order to pick up your check.

Multiple Assignments

  • You will need to keep a separate time card for each assignment,
  • You must set up a work schedule that is agreeable to all parties concerned,
  • You need to keep an accurate record of your hours and days worked for each assignment.

You may not work more than a combined total of 19½ hours a week, or 5 days in a work week (M-Sun.), or 8 hours in one day. If you exceed these requirements, you will be restricted to working in a single position and department.

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Each student employee is an important and valuable asset to the successful operation of Cabrillo College. We want you to enjoy the association and expect that you will put forth your very best effort. The following information is general in nature. Your supervisor will tell you what is expected of you for your specific job assignment.

  1. The people in the office where you are assigned are depending on your help. Continued tardiness or failure to notify your office whenever you cannot report for work can be sufficient grounds for termination of your employment.
  2. You are expected to work the hours assigned and to indicate the number of hours worked on your time card each working day, before you leave. Any departure from this procedure must be approved by your supervisor.
  3. Avoid making appointments that will conflict with your working hours. If you cannot avoid doing so, please notify your supervisor as far in advance as possible.
  4. Information regarding individual students or staff members that you may come in contact with during the course of your work is considered to be confidential and may not be released without your supervisors specific approval.
  5. Your friends should not visit you during working hours. Personal phone calls are highly discouraged.
  6. Ask questions whenever you do not understand the instructions given to you; make sure you understand what is expected of you.
  7. Keep your time card up to date, somewhere at your work site where your supervisor has access to it, and submit it to your supervisor prior to the payroll closing date (usually the 20th of the month). If you are working at an off-campus site, you are responsible for getting your time card to your supervisor.
  8. Keep track of the total number of hours you have worked. Work- study students cannot work beyond the total amount of their award. You may be the only one who knows from one month to the next exactly how many hours you have worked.
  9. Work-study students need to notify the Financial Aid Office if your enrollment status changes, or you drop or add units. SRSN students must notify the SRSN office.
  10. If you are a student employee, you must maintain enrollment in 6 or more units, or check with the Student Employment office for reduced enrollment requirements if you are working during the summer or winter break.  Students who do not complete 6 units each semester may be administratively terminated.  Students who fail to complete 6 units for two consecutive semesters while employed as a student employee  must successfully complete 6 units of academic coursework prior to being re-employed as a student assistant.
  11. Students must remain in good conduct with no pending conduct issues.


The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program was created under the Federal Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to provide part-time employment for college students who qualify through the Federal Financial Aid process. As a result of a student's financial aid application, a student may be awarded FWS based on financial need. Priority application filing is between January 2 -March 2 to receive consideration for a FWS award for the following fall academic term.

Federal Work-Study jobs are only available in on-campus departments. There are no off-campus placements.

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This section is under review and revision, and may reflect outdated campus practices. Please contact Student Employment if you have questions.


  • Verifies or identifies allocated budget (including FWS budgets)
  • Posts job on Cabrillo Job Board
  • Interviews and hires student
  • Completes necessary employment paperwork with student
  • Sends completed paperwork to the Student Employment office for approval prior to commencing work assignment
  • Maintains safe work environment and provides all necessary training, equipment and materials to perform the requirements of the student work assignment
  • Monitors the student work hours to be sure that student works 19 1/2 hours per week or less, does not work more than 8 hours per day, or five days Monday - Sunday, and does not work more than their allocated budget allows
  • Provides on-site supervision
  • Approves time card for payment and forwards to Payroll Office
  • Monitors student enrollment to be sure student is enrolled in and completes at least 6 units with a passing grade each semester.


  • Verifies position for accurate placement on salary scale
  • Advises students and staff on student employment procedures
  • Verifies unit enrollment requirement
  • Maintains files for student employment
  • Verifies and completes I-9 verification, criminal history form and DMV clearance
  • Completes the Student Employee Authorization To Begin Employment form and notifies the supervisor if the student may begin to work or still needs to complete paperwork prior to completing the hiring process.
  • Processes all hiring paperwork into Colleague
  • Forwards completed paperwork to Payroll Office and Human Resources
  • Maintains student employment records


  • Ensures compliance with all legal requirements in hiring and employment
  • Verifies and completes criminal history form and livescan clearance if appropriate


  • Processes paperwork for payment
  • Processes time cards
  • Distributes checks through College Bank
  • Maintains payroll records
  • Generates calendar of time card due dates
  • Generates W-2 forms for tax reporting



  • Completes all hiring paperwork required by the College in the Student Employment office, i.e.: I-9 documentation, emergency notification form, W-4, Criminal History form and DMV clearance if appropriate . (Students under 18 years of age are not to be hired for positions which require driving)
  • Maintains time card daily, turns in signed and completed time card to supervisor on the last working day of the payroll period
  • Follows all established safety procedures and college policies
  • All persons hired for work assignments that require driving a vehicle (their own vehicle or a campus vehicle) must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid California Driver's License, a safe driving record and proof of insurance. Drivers of 15 passenger vans must have a Class B License. Employees who drive on college business must meet all current and future college policies procedures regarding driving and transportation issues. Anyone driving on College business must fill out appropriate paperwork with the Department or Division Office.  Students may not drive their own vehicle in the course of their employment with the College.
  • Maintains enrollment in 6 or more units. Students must stop working if they drop below 6 units.


This section is under revision. Please contact Student Employment with questions.

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Answers to commonly asked questions:

Can I work more than one job on campus?

Yes, you can work more than one job on campus. However , the total number of hours you work weekly may not exceed 19 1/2 hours a week, more than 8 hours in a day, more than 5 days in a row Monday - Sunday. It is important if you are working more than one job, that your supervisors are aware of your other job, so that you are not scheduled to work in violation of these requirements.

When do I get paid?

Hourly and student employees are paid on the 10 th of the month, following the date that your time card is turned in. Please note, you are only scheduled for payment AFTER the Student Employment Office has processed your paperwork . Payroll periods generally run from the 20 th of one month to the 19 th of the following month. There are some exceptions to this in December and June. Check with your supervisor.

Can I get overtime?

Since students are not allowed to work more than 8 hours a day, or more than 19 1/2 hours a week*, students are not paid overtime wages. Students who violate this requirement may be administratively terminated.

When do I get a raise?

Student and hourly job pay rates are based on the requirements of the position that is listed. There are no raises. Your pay is based on the job you were hired to do, it is not based on the length of time you have been doing the job, how well you do the job, or how far you exceed the requirements of the position. You may qualify for a higher level position after you have gained experience on the job, but the position must be needed, available and funded for you to be able to apply for it.

Do I have to do new hiring paperwork every semester?

Not necessarily. New paperwork is required at the beginning of each fiscal year. You must complete new paperwork as of each July 1 st , if you are re-hired for the next academic year. If you are a Federal Work-Study or CalWORKS student, and your award is for both semesters, you may keep working as long as you are enrolled in 6 or more units. If your award is for one semester only, you must stop working on the last day of that semester. Federal Work Study and Fast Track students may not work past the last day of Spring Semester, or the last day of the semester if their award is for one semester only.

If you are hired directly by the department, and are working on a blue time card, one of the following hiring scenarios will apply: You may work in that position for as long as you are a enrolled in 6 or more units and your work is satisfactory; or until the end of the fiscal year; or until the project is completed; or until funding is no longer available.

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What happens if I drop below 6 units?

You must stop working immediately if you drop below 6 units of current enrollment at Cabrillo College. You must maintain enrollment in 6 or more units to meeti work eligibility requirements. Failure to complete 6 units with a passing grade or working after dropping below 6 units may preclude future employment as a student employee.

Can I be fired?

Yes, misrepresenting your self on your application or hiring materials, poor performance, failure to work scheduled hours, lack of available funding, not following College rules and regulations, submitting false hours on a time card or working more than the hours allowed by the Student Employment Program, or any other generally accepted reason to discontinue employment may result in your employment with the college being immediately terminated.

Where can I park?

Student Employees do not get staff parking.  Student Employees are restricted to parking in the parking lots designated for students.

Can I take a break during my scheduled hours?

Yes, Cabrillo employees are granted a paid 15 minute break in the middle of their shift, if they work at least a 4 hour shift. Lunch breaks are provided per LABOR CODE SECTION 512. (a) An employer may not employ an employee for a work period of more than five hours per day without providing the employee with a meal period of not less than 30 minutes, except that if the total work period per day of the employee is no more than six hours, the meal period may be waived by mutual consent of both the employer and employee.


What is Cooperative Work Experience?

Cooperative Work Experience Education (Co-Op or CWEE) allows you to earn units by performing new and expanded work activities related to your educational goals. For information on this program, contact Matthew Weis, Co-Op Coordinator at 477-5650.

Why do I have to fill out the criminal history inquiry form and be fingerprinted?

California law and Cabrillo College policy require it. Not all positions require that you be fingerprinted. Examples of positions which may require you to be fingerprinted are: positions requiring you to work with or around young children or the disabled, positions where you handle money, any work for Campus Police, or positions where you work with sensitive information. Jobs where you are required to drive may also be subject to drug testing.

How am I supervised?

All student and hourly employees must be supervised by contract staff, faculty or management. Hourly and student employees are not allowed to be supervised by other hourly or student employees. Your supervisor or their contract employee designee must be available on campus whenever the student or hourly employee is working.

What should I do if I am injured on the job?

All on-the-job accidents must be reported to your supervisor immediately, whether or not you seek medical attention. Regardless of how minor you may think the injury is, an accident report form must be completed. If your supervisor does not have the proper form, or is unaware of the proper procedure, please contact the Student Services office or the Student Health Center.

Can I study while working?

Generally, the answer is no. Your supervisor may make an occasional exception to this if all your work has been completed, and you remain available to handle the basic tasks of your job (assist students, answer phone calls, etc. Not all jobs are structured so that studying is at times possible. Although some of the awards are called Work-Study, you are not, in fact, being paid to study.

My supervisor occasionally needs to leave campus while I am working. In an emergency, whom do I report to?

Your supervisor should "appoint" a temporary supervisor who is a regular contract employee of the college (not another student or hourly employee) any time that they are not physically present on campus and you are working. The temporary supervisor should be informed whenever they are responsible for you, and you should know who they are and how to contact them. Student employees are not authorized to open or close facilities and are not issued keys .

I have a computer at home, why can't I do my work there?

Due to liability concerns and Worker's Compensation and Cal OSHA issues, student employees are not allowed to work at home.

I work in two different jobs that occasionally need me to work a combined work-day of over 8 hours total, or more than 19 1/2 hours a week. I don't understand why I can't do this if I am needed.

Due to a variety of factors including: labor law, overtime pay, union contracts, college policies and educational codes, student employees are not allowed to work more than 8 hours a day (total hours worked, no matter how many different jobs are worked), 19 1/2 hours a week*, 5 days Monday - Sunday. You can be terminated from your job for being in violation of these work-hour requirements.

* When school is not in session, and with advance authorization , students may be able to work up to (but not exceeding) 30 hours a week if they have funding available. Supervisor must initial time card and student must follow enrollment requirements (see page 5).

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  1. Student employees must enroll in and maintain enrollment at Cabrillo College in at least 6 units to participate in the Student Employment Program during fall and spring semesters. Failure to complete 6 units with a passing grade may preclude future employment as a student employee. Students who fail to complete 6 units of credit courses for two consecutive semesters while working will not be able to work as a student employee until they can demonstrate that they can successfully complete 6 units of academic coursework. To work during breaks, students must be either pre-enrolled for the following full semester in at least 6 units, or enrolled in 1 1/2 units for the four week summer session, 2 units if enrolled in the 6 week summer session, or 1 1/ 2 units if enrolled in intersession.  Students who work after dropping below 6 units, or who work more than 8 hours a day or more that 19 1/2 hrs a week while school is in session more than one time may be administratively terminated and may not be re-hired as a student employee.
  2. Student employees must meet all job qualifications. There are four levels of pay that are based on responsibility, skills and knowledge required by the job.
  3. A person between the age of 16-18 will not be given work assignments until that person provides one of the following to Student Employment: (In general, students under age 16 are not employed by the college).
    1. High school diploma;
    2. Certificate of Proficiency; or
    3. Approved Work Permit.
  4. All persons hired into student positions are exempt from the classified service and therefore are not entitled to rights or benefits received by employees of the classified service. (Calif. Ed Code #88003)
  5. Days/Hours of work:
    1. Days of work in any academic year are limited to 170 days for temporary-hourly employees.
    2. Work assignments may not exceed 19.5 hours per week or 79 hours per month. Total hours of work in all assignments will not exceed 19 1/2 hours per week or 8 hours per day, or five days Monday - Sunday.
    3. Overtime is NOT authorized for student employees.
    4. Assignments made within a fiscal year will be considered as filling the time period of one fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
    5. Assignments made during the summer or semester break must have approval from Student Employment to exceed the weekly limit of 19 1/2 hours per week. Time cards must be initialed daily by the supervisor for the weeks where hours exceed 19 1/2. In no instance can a student work more than 30 hours a week or more than 8 hours a day or more than 5 days Monday through Sunday. In order to work during breaks, the student must be pre enrolled for the next term and not be taking classes during the time they are working the additional hours.
  6. Multiple work assignments can not exceed a combined total of 19.5 hours per week.
  7. Student employees must work under the supervision of a contract college employee (classified, academic or management), and are not issued keys to college facilities. Student employees may not be responsible for opening or closing facilities. Supervisors must be available on campus while a student employee is working or an appropriate alternate supervisor must be designated. The person signing the time sheet or monitoring the student-employee's daily progress cannot be another student or hourly employee.
  8. An employee of the district (including student employees) is prohibited from volunteering to perform services that are the same type of service that s/he is paid by the District to perform. (Fair Labor Standards Act.)
  9. Allocation of funding for positions to divisions and departments will be determined by administration.
  10. The Student Employment Coordinator will authorize all student employee hires when all required forms and paperwork are completed, including IRCA for I-9.
  11. The Student Employment Coordinator will address any questions or concerns arising from work assignments in their respective areas of responsibility in this program.
  12. All persons under consideration for assignments that require driving a vehicle (their own vehicle or a campus vehicle) must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid California driver's license, a safe driving record and proof of insurance. Drivers of 15 passenger vans must have a Class B License. Employees who drive on college business must meet all current and future college policies and procedures regarding driving and transportation issues, and have appropriate forms on file with the Department office. Students are not allowed to fdrive their own vehicle in the couse of their employment with the college.

Note: Students who violate the conditions of employment may be administratively terminated.




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