Cabrillo College Library

FOR San Lorenzo Valley High School Students, Staff, and Instructors

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||  Renewals || Returning Materials || Overdues/Bills || Fees || Refunds || Closing || Phone #s || Acceptable Use Policy ||

1. Come to the Library Circulation Desk and fill out a Patron Information Card.
2. Present a valid current San Lorenzo Valley H.S. student or staff/faculty ID.
3. We will issue you a paper library card, valid through the Cabrillo academic year, expiring June 2, 2007.

There is a $1.00 replacement charge for lost library cards. Report a stolen or lost card immediately. You are responsible for any library materials checked out on your card.

Please report changes of address or telephone promptly. 


Main Stacks & Folio Stacks
1. SLVHS borrowers may have a maximum of ten items checked out at any given time.
2. Bring materials to the Circulation Desk (report any damaged materials).
3. Present your Cabrillo College library card.
4. Note the due date for returning the materials.

Periodicals for in-Library Use
1. Fill out Periodical Request form (available at the Circulation Desk and at every Information Workstation), including your Social Security Number or driver's license number and home phone.
2. Hand completed form to a Circulation Desk worker who will retrieve the periodical for you.

NOTE: Periodicals are for in-library use only. The most current issue of most titles is available for browsing in the Browsing Area to the right of the Circulation Desk.

Course Reserve Materials
Special Borrowers may check out Course Reserve materials for use within the library only. See separate handout for details.


SLVHS borrowers are not eligible for interlibrary loan service through Cabrillo.

Books from the Main Stacks and Folio collections circulate for 3 weeks.
Periodicals, videos, and Reference books are for in-library use only.
DVDs are for in-library use only, but must be checked out at the Circulation Desk to open the security case.

Check the date due slip inside each item for the due date. You are responsible for knowing when your library materials are due. RECALLS: If someone requests materials that you have had for more than 3 weeks, the library will send you a recall notice.

A hold may be placed on books that are currently in circulation. A search may be placed on a book that appears to be missing. To place either a hold or a search, present your library card and information about the book (title, author, and call number) to the Circulation Desk. You will be notified by mail when the item becomes available.

You may renew books in person at the Circulation Desk, on the web, or by telephone. If renewing in person, you don't need to bring the actual books, but you should bring your library card. To renew on the web, go to the Library Catalog page ( and click on "View your own Circulation record or renew books." When renewing by telephone, call the Circulation Desk (479-6473) when the library is open. Books may be renewed twice if no one else has placed a hold on that title.

Return Reserve materials, periodicals, and vertical file materials through the book drop on the right end of the Circulation counter. All other books should be returned through the book drop on the left end of the counter. Materials may be also returned through the outdoor book drop (the blue metal drop slot on the ocean-facing side of the library) when the library is closed.

DO NOT return damp or damaged materials through a book drop. Please hand them to a Circulation Desk worker with an explanation of what is wrong. (See section on DAMAGES below.)

The library will, as a courtesy, send two overdue notices for books from the Main/Folio Stacks if not returned by the due date. You are responsible for returning material by the due date whether or not you received an overdue notice for any reason. Material that is three weeks overdue will be billed for replacement. If the overdue material is returned in good condition, the item charge and processing fee will be eliminated from your record. The "billing fee" is our non-refundable overdue fine. Outstanding charges must be cleared before you may borrow additional library materials. Billing problems may be brought to the attention of Circulation personnel between the hours of 8:00am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. We may not be able to resolve billing problems during the evenings or on weekends. Replacement charges for unreturned or damaged books as well as overdue fines must be paid at the Library Circulation desk, any time the library is open.
FEES (subject to change without notice)
Replacement & processing charges (lost, or damaged beyond repair)
  Main stack book: $40.00 minimum
  Folio book:  $50.00 minimum
  Periodicals:  list price
Fines (the "billing fee" on your billing statement)
  Main Stacks and Folio books: $3.00
  DVD:  $1.00 for the first hour, an additional $1.00 for the second hour
 Course Reserves: - see separate Course Reserve Materials handout

Billed books and materials in good condition may be returned for credit for the replacement and processing fees without time limitation.

The library considers damages to include water damage, pencil marks, pen, highlighting, pages that are dog-eared, etc. Please do not write in or otherwise damage books. Wet books are subject to mildew and must be withdrawn from the collection. You will be billed for replacement costs for books that must be withdrawn. If damages occur while you have materials checked out or in your possession, contact the Circulation Desk immediately at 479-6473.

If you pay for lost library material and subsequently find it, you may receive a credit for the replacement charges within one year of the payment date. The material will be inspected to make sure it is in condition to return to the collection before a credit is initiated. 

To provide for an orderly closing of the library each day, the Circulation Desk closes 15 minutes before the building closes. At the same time, all Reserve materials and periodicals are due.

Circulation Desk: 479-6473
Reference Desk: 479-6163



Internet resources and other resources delivered via computer workstations at Cabrillo College Library are made available to enhance and facilitate teaching, learning and scholarly endeavors.

Primary activities
The Library encourages the use of its electronic resources for the primary activities listed above. Other uses, including electronic mail, game playing, and participation in chat rooms, forums and newsgroups, are considered secondary activities. Should secondary activities in any way interfere with primary activities, they may be immediately terminated.

Primary User group
Students, faculty and staff at Cabrillo College constitute the Library's primary user group. Other library patrons may use the Library's computers and other equipment if primary user group patrons are not waiting for them.

Individual Responsibility
Individuals are responsible for using the Library's electronic resources in an ethical, non-discriminatory and lawful manner. Engaging in any activity that is at variance with these policies and responsibilities can result in the loss of access privileges.

Equitable Access
The Library's electronic workstations and the materials to which they provide access constitute resources to be shared equitably among users.

Limiting Use
The Library supports equity of access to Internet and other electronic information resources. If and when the number of computer workstations is insufficient to meet demand, rationing service (i.e., limiting individual sessions to a certain time period and/ or limiting access to those in the primary user group) may be necessary to provide equitable access. ________________________________________
Cabrillo College Library supports the American Library Association's statement "Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights." (ALA 1/96)

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