California Connects Community Trainer Resource Page


Our program ended officially on June 30th, 2013, but some important resources are still available to us:

The Ning User group for California Connects is an ongoing resource. Use it! Contribute to it! -- set up an account for yourself.

There is technical support, an FAQ section, as well as other useful things.You will see all the other 35 community colleges involved in this project, too.


The Living With Technology Website continues to be a great resource for anybody who wants to get to be a better computer user. In any ongoing community service this is the primary thing you can use:

This website was developed just for our California Connects program. Get to know this resource and it can be your A-Z tool to use for your community service. It is designed to be widely used and shared, so feel free to share this link with anybody who may be interested. Use the Login feature for yourself, and also have your community members use it so that it is possible for the developers to track how much use this is getting.

Community Service


Digital Literacy Refresher & Training Techniques is a short summary of things to consider as you prepare to work with the public who may have no digital literacy.

Certificate for Your Trainees
Here is a certificate you can download, print out and give to the people you have worked with as part of your community service. We also have some copies made in the office if you want to come and get them from us.


Reporting Your Community Service Hours

.........Online Reporting:

Go to this link and complete the information for that person and your own info about where and when you did the training and what topics you covered.

.........Forms to keep track of your hours and your trainees

Community Training Reporting Sheet shows the kind of information you need to keep track of for the community service you have completed. You do not have to hand this in--report the information online.

"Getting to Know You" Reporting Sheet shows the kind of information you will need to report online about each of the trainees you work with. work with. A Spanish translation of this reporting sheet has also been made available: "Getting to Know You" en Espanol. You do not have to hand these in, but they may be useful for you in collecting what you will need to report online.




Other Links:

The California Connects Website gives information about this grant initiative and is a place to share among other MESA community college programs good ideas for community service and also offers some translation of forms into Spanish.

Obama's National Wireless Initiative is the President's plan to help close the "digital divide" by making high-speed wireless services available to at least 98% of Americans. The other part of the plan involves bringing digital literacy skills to those who have little or no experience with the amazing resources available online through computer access.