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FAQ's -- Frequently Asked Questions...


How many units do I need to transfer to UC or CSU?

Students are required to complete 60 transferable semester units to transfer as a junior to either the UC or CSU systems. Most private and out-of-state colleges don't require 60 units to transfer -- students can often transfer to these schools with fewer units.ome to the MESA center (Room 714) and sign up in the appointment book.  It's to the left when you come in, on the wall above the water cooler.

How many of my community college units count towards a B.A. or B.S. degree?

The maximum number of California Community College units that count toward a B.A. or B.S. degree is 70 semester units. Students can take more than 70 units if they need to fulfill additional G.E. or major requirements for admission or for financial reasons, however, only 70 will count toward the total units needed to graduate from the four-year campus. There is no problem with admission if a student transfers with more than 70 units, however, whether the student enters with 70 or 100 semester units, the student will still need to complete the same number of units at the university to graduate.

Is there an issue with too many units?

There is no problem with being admitted to UC or CSU if a student has more than 70 units as long as all of the units are from a community college (or two-year college). A student could have 200 units or more and still transfer to either UC or CSU.

There is a serious problem, however, if a student attended a four-year college prior to attending the community college and has accrued units from both four-year and two-year colleges combined. The UC system has a policy that will not allow them to admit seniors. The only way a student can become a senior is if they have attended a four-year college or university in the past. Each UC campus has a slightly different policy. Most will not admit these students if they have units in excess of 80-90 semester units.

CSU does not have this policy, so there is no problem with students having too many units for the CSU system - even if the student has attended a four-year university in the past.

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