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Schedule and Tutor Information

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Academic Excellence Workshops...are offered to accompany selected math, physics and engineering
courses each semester. They are strongly based on group interactions to build communication and community in the
context of the technical subject matter. The workshops each meet twice a week for two hours. They are not meant
to be drop-in sessions, although students whose schedules only allow them to attend one of the workshops will not be
turned away. Regular participation in these workshops have been shown to increase student performance a full grade
in the course.
SI Sessions...are offered through the ACCESS program to accompany selected biology and chemistry
courses each semester. These peer-led sessions help students develop critical problem-solving skills for chemistry
and biology. Many of them are held in the STEM Center.

Here is the schedule of workshops for the current semester, held in the MESA Study Center, Rm 834,
unless otherwise shown. Workshops will begin the second week of classes.




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MESA Academic Staff Description

Our academic staff consists of faculty, staff, student assistants, UCSC students and volunteers.
Some are available for drop-in tutoring and group tutoring, and others help lead our Academic Excellence Workshops. Their expertise is typically in mathematics, and perhaps one to two other fields. Consult the
lists below to see what their fields of expertise are, and when faculty are holding office hours in our Center.

MESA Staff
Name Times Available Can Help With
Sue Tappero M 8-4; T 2-9; W 8-1; Th 8-4; F 8-5 All math
Paul Graham Wed 3-9; Sat 11-7 All math, all physics
Tracy Miller M & Th 3-9 pm; W 10-3:30; F 10-12 All math
Davina Walker M 9 am-12 pm & T 9-12 Academic counseling for MESA members, prospective MESA members and STEM majors
Peggy Church F 10:30-5 Academic counseling for MESA members, prospective MESA members and STEM majors
Faculty Holding Office Hours Spring '14
Faculty Member Times Available Can Help With
Damien Adams   Mathematics
Sharron Barth   Biology
Jeff Bergamini   Computer Science
Josh Blaustein   Chemistry
Gerlinde Brady   Computer Information Systems
Megan Caspers   Mathematics
Nicole Crane   Biology
Kate Disney   Engineering, Computer Science
Sarah Decelle   Mathematics
Brendan Dilloughery   Mathematics
Karl Ewald


Materials Science, Engineering
Carlos Figueroa


Karen Groppi   Engineering
Kelli Horner   Engineering
Matt Halter   Biology
Zerubba Levi   Chemistry
Michael Matera   Computer Information Systems
Joe McCullough   Physics
Robin McFarland   Biology
Jo-Ann Panzardi   Engineering
Dave Reynolds   Mathematics
Marcus Watson   Physics

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MESA Student Tutors

serve as drop-in tutors or as Workshop Facilitators. They have majors representative of those supported by the community college MESA program.


MESA Student Tutors & Volunteers
Name Can Help With Major at Cabrillo/UCSC
Alyx Marquez Math 4 Workshops Biochemistry, Pre-med
Bruno Hernandez All Cabrillo math, Physics 4A, 4B, CS 11, 12j, 20j, 19, 21, 23, 24, Engr 15 (Circuits) Computer Science
Cesar Ramirez Math through 5C and Physics 11,4A, and 4C Physics / Engineering
Chris Spiers Math through 5B, Chem 1A Mechanical Engineering
Clair Scoby Calculus, DEs, Phys 4A, 4B, 4C, Bio 1C, Chem 2 Bioengineering
Dave Schoenrock Cabrillo math and physics, CS 11 & 12j UCSC Physics major
Declan Andres-Larsen All Cabrillo math and physics B.S. Mathematics
Evan Langer Calculus, Linear Algebra, Phys 4A, 4B, 4C, Chem 1A Engineering
Isabel Corpus Math through 5B, Chem 1A, CS 11, Phys 4A Engineering
Lucas Galleguillos Math through 5B, Chem 1A, Chem 1B Engineering
Mitasha Malhan Calculus, Linear Algebra Mechanical Engineering
Nadia Allaf Calculus, DEs, Bio 1A, and Chem 1A,1B, Phys 4A Mechatronics / Marine Biology
Nadia Trautwein Math through 5B, Phys 4A, CS 12G, 20, 21, 23, 31 Computer Science
Paul Sintetos All Cabrillo math B.A., Mathematics
Sarah Faraola Math through 5B, Chem 1, 1A Oceanography
Saul Medrano Math through 5C, Phys 4A, 4B Mathematics
Steven Sobol Math through 5B, Phys 4A, Chemistry, Biology Chemistry
Terra Villa-Gawboy Calculus, Linear Algebra, Chem 1A, 1B, 12A, 12B, Biology 1A, 1B, 1C Biochemistry
Tom Bulgerin Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science & Math Volunteer with BA in Electrical Engineering, Cabrillo nursing degree



The schedule below reflects our best estimate of tutor and faculty schedules. Please bear in mind that in case of absences, or schedules needing updated might result in an occasional inaccuracy. The "chemistry" designator means that somebody qualified to help in at least Chem 1A is on duty.

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MESA Tutor Availability by Subject for Fall 2014
Note: Help with transfer-level math is available during all our open hours.












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