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Equipment and Other Aids

The MLC has a variety of equipment and other aids that are available for students to use. Some of these inculde:
  • Calculators, including T.I. brands 83, 85, 86, 89,and 92, as well as other non-T.I. brands, which may be checked out for use in the MLC 
  • Textbooks and solutions manuals that may be checked out for use in the MLC
  • Laptops may be checked out for use in the MLC
  • Math software for supplemental learning 
  • Minitab program set up on both P.C. and Macintosh Computers (for statistics students) 
  • Academic Systems software for computer mediated classes avaliable on six P.C.'s 
  • Equipment for visual and manipulative (tactile) learning of concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry 
  • Videotapes and DVDs for Algebra and Pre-Algebra students available for use in the MLC 
  • T.I. calculator computer links for downloading and printing from your calculators 
  • Internet access with bookmarks to math and statistics sites 
  • Microsoft Office software available on all Macintosh and PC computers 

A valid Cabrillo College library card is required to borrow laptops, calculators, books, and video tapes.


Try Our Online Graphing Calculator

Plug-in may be needed for online graphing calculator and linear optimizer.



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