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College Planning Council

Wednesday, September 19, 2012; SAC 225
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.


What can we do today that will help our students succeed?


1. Call to Order/Introduction of Substitutes    

I 2
2. Review of Agenda   I 2

3. Oral Communications 
Members of the audience may speak to non-agenda items (2 minute limit per speaker)

I 5
5. Staffing Transitions - Topic Leader(s) - Brian I 10
6. Update on Revisions to Managers Comprehensive Evaluation AR - Topic Leader(s) - Brian I/D 10
7. Budget Update - Topic Leader(s) - Victoria I/D 15
8. Accreditation Update - Topic Leader(s) - Rachel I/D 15
9. Adjourn    

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A=Action, D=Discussion, I=Information

Cabrillo College is a dynamic, diverse and responsive educational community dedicated to helping all students achieve their academic, career, and personal development goals.

Cabrillo College is passionate about developing critical thinking, honing oral and written communication and enhancing global awareness, while cultivating personal and professional responsibility in our students. Exploration, innovation, creativity, and implementation of a variety of teaching methods, including technology literacy, are hallmarks of our approach to learning. We help students of varying skill levels achieve their potential, and consider everyone in the college part of a community of learners who are treated with dignity and respect. Cabrillo College supports a climate of diversity, self-empowerment and sustainability, with a strong sense of social justice.

As an integral part of Santa Cruz County, Cabrillo College is an accessible gateway to prosperity that provides education for all, supporting the local economy and improving economic vitality. We serve students who have goals of transfer, career preparation, basic skills, personal fulfillment and retraining through an inclusive and effective learning environment. Students will leave with greater knowledge and a richer expectation of themselves.


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