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Dr. Laurel Jones
Dr. Laurel Jones


President's Report to the Board

October 2013


  • S4C Steering Committee met recently and reviewed all the successful initiatives completed in this last academic year. A great job by our own Ray and staff as well as our partners both in K-12 and Higher Education; check out their annual successes on the S4C video on our front webpage:
  • Student Services and the start-up of our academic year! Counselors, Sandi Moore and crew, Sesario, Dennis and all of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid for helping our students find their way, get their materials and classes, get those ID pictures taken and start the clubs and Student Senate in such a successful manner
  • Health Services on our free flu shot— keeping Cabrillo healthy!
  • Veterans Center Welcome with the upcoming training on increased awareness about PTSD—thank you Dianne Avelar for this opportunity
  • Our beautiful Cabrillo Gallery opening with our own department staff and faculty exhibition. To Rose and all of the Art and Photography staff and faculty a great exhibition
  • Completion of our College Listening Tour—thanks to all the participants
  • Extended Program Offerings and Scott for continuing to help the college make the transition from no longer repeatable courses to alternative offerings to keep lifelong learning alive and thriving
  • Great going SBDC and Business Entrepreneurship Center—new event titles available along with opportunities to register for social media marketing, Quickbooks and Business planning—thanks Terri and staff
  • Personal thanks to Kristin and Melinda for getting the president out and about—meeting people, making speeches and giving interviews
  • A big thanks to our Library staff for the beautiful displays—please check out October’s All Hallows Eve / All Saints’ Day/ All Souls’ Day event
  • Many more events and opportunities noted in the Office of Instruction Events publication—thanks to the office staff for this and all the hard work going into our site visit planning


  • Margery, Michael Mangin, Dennis and Kathie attended the "Student Success and Support Program Implementation Summit 2013" in Sacramento on September 23 and 24. The program included a presentation from national thought leader, Tery O'Banion on the Completion Agenda, presentations from state leaders on the implementation of student success reforms highlighted in the Student Success Act of 2012. The conference also included an overview of program and budget requirements, the new funding guidelines, and MIS data elements necessary to ensure greatest success as we move towards completion of this initiative
  • Engineering is going abroad! Ten students and one peer leader (along with alternates) will be working in Vuelta Grande outside of Antigua on installing potable water and electrification system for schools and homes
  • The district re-negotiated the counselor's contract to include an extra 10-days that are flexibly scheduled. We added teaching 12 teach units in order to increase orientation courses offered to students. We also added a general counseling position that is currently in recruitment.
  • Amy Farhood, our DANCE 59, Latin Dance instructor, took her class from Watsonville this summer to the International Grand Ball DanceSport Championships in San Francisco, and they won the Formation Dance division with a cha-cha/rumba/jive


  • Cabrillo College is applying for Prop. 39 dollars that will assist us in our scheduled maintenance efforts—the college will be following the facilities priorities in determining our highest need
  • Cabrillo College is ready for its Accreditation team visit and has sent out the ever changing schedule for team member interviews—we ask that the college community be flexible in meeting with the team when asked
  • PRO is signing up for increased data! The Accelerated Medical Assisting Program (AMAP)┬áconsists of cohorts of full time students who enroll for two years in a common set of courses leading to a Medical Assisting certificate. The first term is a “bridge” providing essential language and math skills for the remainder of the programs. The AMAP structure is intended to improve completion rates, provide students with skills desired by local employers, and lead to employment of program graduates. This program receives funding from the Bay Area Workforce Funding Collaborative (BAWFC) and is required to report several data elements such as course success, bridge term completion, program completion, and employment. To measure employment outcomes, the program will survey former students and will attempt to create a data matching agreement with the Employment Development Department (EDD). An agreement with EDD provides the opportunity to obtain aggregated quarterly wage reports not only for AMAP students but also on a broader set of students if Cabrillo chooses. This information item provides a brief background on EDD wage matching agreements and the types of information that could be obtained for AMAP and other college programs and departments.
  • Patrick Meyer and the Human Services Department is heading up a conference on the role of┬áthe family in healing and recovery—this is a co-sponsored event with Janus and will bring to the forefront how Cabrillo College is assisting the community in helping our college and county be more effective with the challenges of alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Cabrillo College is reading! Join the college in reading the book “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error” by Kathryn Schulz—as a college the book promotes an upcoming discussion in the spring of 2014.

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