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Basic Skills at Cabrillo

  • Progress of students in basic skills courses is a concern at Cabrillo.
  • Only about 11% of students entering at the lowest level in math enroll in transfer-level math within three years.
  • For those students entering at the lowest level in English, only about 26% will enroll in English 1A within three years. [from the Baseline Data]
More recent work:

Progress through the Basic Skills Sequence
(January 2012) available from the Reports area.

Basic Skills Self Assessment [2008]

Resources are assembled here in support of the basic skills community, including ACES (Academic Community for Educational Success) and Title V grant activities.

Defining Basic Skills:

Strictly defined, basic skills courses are those courses where the MIS code [CB08] is set to 'B'. Such courses cannot be degree-applicable. Cabrillo College courses meeting this specification are the '200 level' courses in English, Reading, Math, and ESL.

The broader definition of basic skills education includes all courses designed to prepare students for transfer level work. This includes the '100 level' courses in English, Reading, Math, and ESL which count toward an A.A. or A.S. Degree, but do not transfer to CSU or UC.

Fact Book pages related to Basic Skills
Baseline Data ( "Poppy Copy" p.102.)
The baseline analysis examines 200 level and 100 level entrants separately. Relative size of effort is more accurately measured by tallying student/faculty hours, rather than by counting sections. Student Performance by entry level/subject
Data from these more-detailed reports were utilzed in developing the baseline measures (above).
200 level entrants 100 level entrants
Combined (Rev. Feb.21.2008) Combined (Rev. Feb.21.2008)
Math Math
English English
Reading Reading

Other Basic Skills Resources

Local Resources

Looking at Basic Skills Students/Courses
Unduplicated basic skills student enrollments by ethnicity.[May 2006]
Sections, location offerred, and enrollment by ethnicity.[May 2006]
Retention & success for basic skills - Cabrillo College compared to statewide. [April 2006]

PRO Reports Archive:
An alternative examination of basic skills courses [June 1998]
Study of the progress of basic skill students through an examination of their success and retention rates [May 1997]

Statewide Resources

Basic Skills Initiative website


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