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Census Reports

What is census data?

  • Census data represent an early snapshot of a semester's enrollments. Typically occurring in the third week of the semester, the census day is the point at which student enrollments are considered actual and are eligible for apportionment.
  • At this point, except for short/late-term and open-enrollment classes, the college's enrollment profile (and thus the revenue profile) for the current term is established.
  • Final end-of-term enrollment as well as grades and other outcomes are not available at Census time. At the close of each term, these are archived to the Data Warehouse, and reported in the Fact Book.
  • The new data warehouse launched in 2013 and resulted in changes in census and enrollment reporting. These reports have evolved to include brief census based narrative updates within a term followed by retrospective trend analyses based on end of term data. In addition, enrollment dashboards are in development.
  • An extensive retrospective review of enrollments occurred in fall 2016.

Census Reports are now delivered to the Board of Trustees as Enrollment Updates in October and March of each year.

A Retrospective and Prospective Look at Enrollments (A comprehensive analysis of enrollments at the college, division, and department level from 2011-2012 through 2015-2016.)

Fall Terms Retrospective (A high level longitudinal analysis of end of term data from Fall 2011 - Fall 2016.)

Census based reports are below:

Archived Census Reports by Location (Fall 2004 - Fall 2013)

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